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Courtney Mihocik

Senior Editor, Credit Cards
  • Credit scores
  • Building credit
  • Student credit cards
  • Credit card comparisons
  • Bachelor of Science in Journalism, Ohio University


Courtney Mihocik is an editor at Bankrate Credit Cards and with expertise in helping people with limited or no credit to understand their options for improving their credit scores. She focuses on the subprime category and provides guidance to people on their credit-building journeys.

Courtney is passionate about creating a space where people can learn more about managing their personal finances, specifically helping her peers achieve their credit card and credit score goals. She believes that public education fails to teach the essentials of personal finance to students and wants to make up for it in her editorial work.

Previously, she led insurance content at and worked as the loans editor at The Simple Dollar, where she produced daily personal finance articles from founder Trent Hamm in addition to student loan, personal loan, business loan and bad credit loan articles. Before entering the digital media space, Courtney worked in hyper-local print journalism, covering arts, culture, food, news and more for publications in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Courtney wants you to know

Courtney graduated college with a 750 credit score, which quickly plummeted to the 500s when she nearly defaulted on her high student loan payments she couldn’t afford. After applying for an income-driven repayment plan and six years of careful budgeting, hustling and responsible credit use, she’s happy to report her credit score is back hovering around 750 and she can qualify for better financial products.

Courtney’s recommended readings

We all make mistakes with our finances, and it’s not shameful to ask for advice or help to get your life in order financially. With credit cards, it’s especially important to be wary of racking up a high balance and relying on transfers to avoid interest. As an editor, I want Gen Z and millennials to have the same — if not better — financial opportunities than generations before.

— Courtney Mihocik

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