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An SR-22 is a form filed with the state to show proof of insurance coverage. These forms are typically required for high-risk drivers and prove that a driver is carrying at least the minimum levels of coverage that are required by the state. Not all states use SR-22 forms, and there are other types of forms that you might need at certain points. Understanding these requirements could help you know what to do if you’ve been notified that you need a Hawaii SR-22 or another type of form.

What is “SR-22 insurance?”

An SR-22 is not insurance. It’s a form that a car insurance company files with the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) on behalf of a driver to show proof of adequate coverage. For drivers who have had their license suspended or revoked due to driving violations, an SR-22 form may be required. The loss of driving privileges may stem from DUI, too many points on your driving record or being caught driving while uninsured. The court may order you to file an SR-22 to have your license reinstated. If your current insurance company does not offer Hawaii SR-22 insurance, you may have to switch companies.

There are many insurance companies available for consumers, but not all of them offer insurance to those who need an SR-22. Even some of the best car insurance companies won’t insure high-risk drivers. Once you have an SR-22 filing in place, you’ll be required to keep active and continuous insurance for three years (or another specified period of time). If you let your policy lapse, your Hawaii auto insurance company will notify the DMV. At that point, your license could be suspended until you show proof of coverage again.

SR-22 Hawaii alternatives

In addition to the SR-22, there are other forms required for drivers with a history of driving offenses. Which form is necessary depends on the state in which the driver resides and the type of incident in question. Just like insurance rates vary by state, financial responsibility requirements do as well. The SR-22 is the most common form used among the states, but there are others that have similar requirements.

Form States issued Required insurance minimums
SR-22 Most states (excluding Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania) State minimum
SR-19 California, Texas Uninsured motorist coverage
SR-21 Florida, Hawaii State minimum
SR-22A Georgia, Texas, Missouri State minimum or more, pre-paid
FR-44 Florida, Virginia Higher than state minimum (up to double)
FR-19 Maryland State minimum
SR-50 Indiana State minimum
  • SR-19: This form may need to be filed in California or Texas if you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver.
  • SR-21: The SR-21 form shows verification of coverage at the time of an accident or ticket.
  • SR-22A: The SR-22A is similar to the SR-22, but it proves that you’ve paid for your insurance for a longer period of time, like six months or a year.
  • FR-44: In Florida and Virginia, this form is used when high-risk drivers are required to carry higher than the state minimum coverage.
  • FR-19: The FR-19 form is only used in Maryland and provides proof of coverage for a shorter period of time, such as 30 days.
  • SR-50: This form serves as evidence of active auto insurance.

Non-owner SR-22

If you have been notified that you need an SR-22 filing but don’t own a car, you may need to first buy a non-owner auto insurance policy. This type of coverage provides liability for the driver without insuring a vehicle. As you shop for coverage, be sure to let companies know that you need an SR-22 filing so that you choose a carrier who can file the form for you.

SR-21 in Hawaii

The SR-21 form is often used in Hawaii as evidence of insurance. An SR-21 form might be required after an accident or ticket to prove to the state that you are carrying at least state minimum coverage. However, if you do not have insurance and therefore can’t have your insurance company file the SR-21, your license may be suspended and you might need an SR-22 to reinstate it.

SR-22 Hawaii insurance costs

Each insurance company has its own filing fee for submitting an SR-22 on the insured’s behalf, but it often isn’t much. The Hawaii DMV may also charge a fee for license reinstatement as well as fees associated with your driving citation. Depending on the offense that warranted the need for an SR-22, there can be costly fines associated with it.

However, while an SR-22 itself shouldn’t add much to your car insurance, you will likely see a premium increase due to the violation that led to you needing the SR-22. Your driving record is one of the biggest factors when determining car insurance premiums, and drivers with a history of incidents typically pay higher premiums than those with clean driving records. If you find that your car insurance is too expensive after your SR-22 filing, you could shop around to find a cheaper auto insurance company. Knowing the average cost of car insurance in your area and for your citation level could help you know if you are overpaying.

Frequently asked questions

How long do I need an SR-22 in Hawaii?

Hawaii SR-22s are generally required for three years. If there is any lapse in coverage, the insurance company is required to notify the DMV. Your license might be suspended and you could have to start your three-year period over again when you provide an updated SR-22 proof of insurance.

How do I get SR-22 insurance in Hawaii?

The first step is to find an insurance company that offers SR-22 filings. The insurance carrier will file the form with the Hawaii DMV on your behalf. You may receive a copy of the SR-22 or it may be sent electronically to the DMV. Once the DMV receives it, your license may be reinstated, but there may be additional steps or fees to regain your driving privileges.

How much does SR-22 insurance cost in Hawaii?

The fee to file an SR-22 is typically relatively low. This form is not an actual insurance policy. However, the policy offered to someone with an SR-22 requirement is typically higher than a policy for someone with a clean driving record. If you need to find cheap Hawaii car insurance, you may need to shop around.

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