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Personal Loans

A personal loan is a great financial tool. It can help you consolidate debt, renovate your home, or even pay for college. Ready to explore if it's right for you? We've got everything you need, right here.

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Bankrate’s team of experts constantly evaluates lenders to find the best personal loan products for you. We look at the lenders’ APR ranges, loan amounts, fees, length of repayment terms, discounts and customer support options, to come up with our recommendations.

Best for large loans and flexible repayment terms

Est. APR
with Autopay
Loan amount
Term: 2-7 yrs*
Min credit score
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Best for borrowers with less-than-perfect credit

Est. APR
Loan amount
Term: 3-5 yrs*
Min credit score
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Best for emergency loans

Est. APR
Loan amount
Term: 0.16666666666667-5 yrs*
Min credit score
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Personal loans basics

Personal loans have a variety of uses and applying for one is fairly easy. What’s more, if properly handled, they could help you boost your credit score. That said, you need to be aware of other factors when applying for one, such as the loan’s interest rate, to ensure you end up with a payment you can afford.

Types of personal loans

Personal loans are unsecured installment loans that come with fixed interest rates and monthly payments. However, there are several types of personal loans. The personal loan that will work best for you depends on a variety of factors, including your credit score, financial health and the purpose of your loan.

What's new

  • Student debt on the rise in 2016

    The 2016 average student debt total is $37,173, a bump of 6.05% over 2015 and the largest it’s ever been.

    2 min read May 05, 2016
  • Where you live impacts personal loans

    State banking and securities authorities have a lot of say over whether peer-to-peer lenders and P2P investors can operate in their states.

    2 min read Mar 30, 2016
  • Skip the cash advance; get a personal loan

    A cash advance on your credit card can get you convenient access to funds, but you’ll pay a higher interest rate than you would when purchasing something with your credit card.

    2 min read Feb 26, 2016
  • Quicken gets into personal loans

    On Feb. 2, the parent company of Quicken, Rock Holdings Inc., announced the launch of RocketLoans, an online service offering personal loans of up to $35,000. That includes loans for things like home improvements, [...]

    1 min read Feb 17, 2016
  • The origination costs of personal loans

    Loan origination isn’t free, even when there are no upfront fees. When you take out a personal loan you’re paying the expense involved with loan origination.

    1 min read Feb 04, 2016
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