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Audi has made a strong name for itself as a luxury car manufacturer. If you have been in the market for a compact car with all the bells and whistles, the latest Audi A3 delivers what many customers look for.

Before you pull the trigger and buy or lease this car, you may find it useful to know the insurance Audi A3 premium you could expect. Since the A3 is a luxury car, it will probably cost more to insure than the national full-coverage average of $1,674 per year.

But how much more? And can you find insurance providers that will help you keep your Audi A3 insurance cost to a minimum? That depends partially on you as a driver since insurance providers set rates based on unique-to-you factors like your driving history and your annual mileage. Still, though, we can give you a ballpark idea of Audi A3 insurance costs.

Models included in this review:
In this review, we look exclusively at Audi A3 car insurance.

How much does it cost to insure an Audi A3?

As we mentioned, the average American driver pays $1,674 annually to insure their vehicle. However, Audi drivers should be prepared to pay a bit more. All of the leading car insurance companies weigh a variety of factors when determining how much to charge you for your car insurance. And if your car is more expensive — like an Audi — insurers prepare for potentially higher vehicle repair expenses after a covered loss. As part of those preparations, they pass some of that added cost onto you in the form of higher premiums. Because of this, your Audi A3 car insurance will probably cost more than a policy for an average sedan.

Specifically, we can look at a few areas where insurance providers place an emphasis when setting rates:

  • Crash rate stats: The better your car holds up in an accident, the less your insurance provider will need to pay, both to repair your vehicle and to cover any resulting medical expenses. As a result, safer cars tend to cost less to insure. As good news for people considering an Audi A3, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has named the A3 one of their top safety picks, giving it consistently good scores across the board in the safety features they measure.
  • Price of parts: While Audi parts are not significantly more expensive than the parts for any other luxury vehicle (like a BMW or Mercedes), they do cost more than parts for a Honda, for instance. Since your insurance company would need to be prepared to cover that extra expense after a covered accident, they generally charge more for Audi A3 car insurance.
  • Safety features: The Audi A3 has several safety features, including knee air bags and anti-whiplash head restraints. Features such as these could work to reduce your quoted rate since they help in reducing the risk associated with your vehicle.

Beyond these factors, when setting your Audi A3 premium, the insurance company looks at you as a driver. That means that safe driving or fewer annual miles will help you save, while a history of accidents will generally lead to paying more.

Car insurance for a Audi: by model

To determine the price of Audi A3 car insurance, companies take a broad range of factors into consideration, from your driving history to the make and model of the vehicle itself. Because of this, it helps to get quotes from multiple providers for comparison. To give you a better handle on the average Audi A3 premium, we gathered current rates from a variety of companies. Below are the averages we found.

Car insurance for Audi A3

To gather these average rates, we used a sample male and female driver in their 40s with a clean driving record, good credit (for states that allow credit ratings to determine insurance rates) and an annual mileage of 12,000. If you drive more, have a history of lots of tickets and accidents or are under 25, you will probably pay more.

A3 car insurance Average annual premium
Minimum coverage $449
Full coverage $1,970

Cheapest car insurance companies for Audi A3s

While insuring an Audi A3 can be expensive, we found insurance companies offering policies with a much more affordable Audi A3 premium. These carriers showcased below are among the best car insurance providers right now.

Again, the specific rate an insurance company offers you will depend on factors specific to you. That said, this should give you a rough idea of some of the best options in terms of Audi A3 insurance cost.

Average annual premium for full coverage by model

Car insurance company Audi A3
Amica $1,507
Erie $1,081
Geico $1,804
State Farm $1,529
USAA $1,434

Audi A3 features that impact insurance costs

There are features for the Audi A3, but standard and optional, that could impact your Audi A3 premium, including:

  • Trim package: Higher trim levels — like the Prestige trim with its Bang & Olufsen 14-speaker sound system or the Titanium Edition Package with its notable titanium black exterior trim — will elevate your driving experience, but they might also do the same to your Audi A3 car insurance costs. As a general rule, the more valuable car your car is, the more you pay to insure it.
  • Safety and anti-theft features: Generally, any features that help to mitigate losses help motivate your insurer to offer you cheaper Audi A3 insurance. That might include your blindspot collision warning, cross-traffic alert system, Audi pre sense driver assistance and the anti-theft alarm system.
  • Noticeable make: While data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that Audi A3s do get stolen, you (and your insurance provider) may not need to be overly worried about theft. No Audis make the list of the Insurance Information Institute (III)’s most-stolen vehicles.

Other car insurance coverage for a Audi A3

Beyond A3-specific features, the amount of insurance you decide to buy for your car directly impacts how much you pay. In addition to the liability coverage required by most states, you might want to add optional protections for your Audi A3 like:

  • Collision coverage: This steps in when you damage your A3 in a covered accident while behind the wheel. So if you cause an accident or back into something, you need collision coverage to pay for the repairs. Liability coverage only pays for damages to other drivers’ vehicles.
  • Comprehensive coverage: If a thief steals your car, a vandal tags it or a tree branch falls on top of it while it was parked overnight, comprehensive coverage comes to kicks in. Basically, comprehensive coverage is designed to protect your Audi A3 against non-driving related risks.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage: While almost every state requires drivers to have liability coverage, the III says that more than 12% of drivers do not. If one of those uninsured drivers causes an accident, the aptly named uninsured motorist coverage could help to pick up the tab.

More coverage means a higher Audi A3 premium. But for those driving a luxury vehicle, the higher insurance costs may be worth it to stay financially protected.


Bankrate utilizes Quadrant Information Services to analyze 2021 rates for all ZIP codes and carriers in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Quoted rates are based on a 40-year-old male and female driver with a clean driving record, good credit and the following full coverage limits:

  • $100,000 bodily injury liability per person
  • $300,000 bodily injury liability per accident
  • $50,000 property damage liability per accident
  • $100,000 uninsured motorist bodily injury per person
  • $300,000 uninsured motorist bodily injury per accident
  • $500 collision deductible
  • $500 comprehensive deductible

To determine minimum coverage limits, Bankrate used minimum coverages that meet each state’s requirements. Our base profile drivers own a 2019 Audi of the following model types, commute five days a week and drive 12,000 miles annually:

  • Audi A3

These are sample rates and should only be used for comparative purposes.

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