How saving makes you sexy

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Good looks or a toned physique can make you sexy. But the reality is that saving makes you even sexier.

A recent University of Michigan [C1] paper, “A Penny Saved is a Partner Earned: The Romantic Appeal of Savers,” found that people who are savers are more attractive to the opposite sex than spenders.

Researchers found that saving goes beyond mere financial benefits, revealing a person who has self-control, which is perceived as an indicator of the ability to commit.

In order to be perceived as sexy, it is important to understand your finances. The following tips can put you on the road to being not only sexy, but also financially savvy.

Know your weekly allotment

It would be great if money grew on trees. But in reality, it only grows if we take care of it.

A great way to spend less and save more is to understand how much money you have allotted for each given week.

The process is simple: If you earn $1,000 per week, consider what percentage you should allot for discretionary spending, such as clothing, entertainment and other desires.

Understand that not every dollar is for spending

Not every dollar that comes into your possession is made for spending. For some, that’s a no-brainer concept. But for others, that realization could be an “aha” moment.

Certain dollars wish to remain with you! The key is to set up a savings plan that allows you to save before spending each and every payday.

This approach allows you to save no matter what circumstances arise. And that is essential to building your wealth.

Know what you can afford

Sometimes our eyes are larger than our wallets. As a result, we may take on more financial responsibilities than we can really afford.

If you have found yourself in this place, make a declaration to do things differently next time. Before making a purchase, determine whether you can really afford it.

Ask yourself whether you can afford an item if it requires additional maintenance down the road. Or, would you still be able to afford the item if you found yourself unemployed for a few months?

So how are you viewed today? Sexy, or not too sexy at all?

Kemberley Washington is a certified public accountant. She writes a personal finance blog at Follow her on Twitter @KemWashCPA.