Best for getting more value from small purchases

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On Citi's secure site
Rewards rate
  • 5X For a limited time, earn 5 ThankYou® Points per $1 spent on air travel and hotels up to $6,000 in the first 12 months and then 1 ThankYou® Points per $1 spent thereafter.
  • 2X Earn 2X ThankYou® Points at Supermarkets and Gas Stations for the first $6,000 per year and then 1X Points thereafter.
  • 1X Earn 1X ThankYou® Points on All Other Purchases.
Intro offer
20,000 points 
Annual fee
Regular APR
14.24% - 24.24% (Variable)
Recommended credit
Good to Excellent (670 - 850)

Best flat-rate cash back card

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Rewards rate
  • 2% Earn 2% on every purchase with unlimited 1% cash back when you buy, plus an additional 1% as you pay for those purchases.
Intro offer
Annual fee
Regular APR
14.74% - 24.74% (Variable)
Recommended credit
Good to Excellent (670 - 850)

Best wholesale club card

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On Synchrony Bank's secure site
Rewards rate
  • 5% 5% cash back on gas anywhere (up to $6,000)
  • 5% Plus members earn 3% back on eligible purchases when shopping in-club or digitally through Sam’s Club when they use their Sam’s Club Mastercard and another 2% back from their Plus membership, for a total of up to 5% rewards on eligible purchases.
  • 3% 3% cash back on dining and takeout
  • 1% 1% cash back on all other eligible purchases.
Intro offer
Annual fee
No Annual Fee
Regular APR
15.65% or 23.65% Variable
Recommended credit
Good to Excellent (670 - 850)

Best Balance Transfer Intro APR

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Rewards rate


Intro offer
Annual fee
Regular APR
15.49% - 25.49% (Variable)
Recommended credit
Good to Excellent (670 - 850)

Compare Bankrate’s top Mastercard credit cards

Card Name Best For Bankrate Review Score
Citi Rewards+ Card Getting more value from small purchases 3.4 / 5
(Read full card review)
Citi Double Cash Card Flat-rate cash back card 3.6 / 5
(Read full card review)
Sam’s Club Mastercard Wholesale club card 2.7 / 5
(Read full card review)
Citi Simplicity Card Balance transfer intro APR 3.5 / 5
(Read full card review)
Capital One Platinum Credit Card People building credit 3.7 / 5
(Read full card review)
Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card Average credit 3.8 / 5
(Read full card review)
Capital One SavorOne Student Cash Rewards Credit Card College students 3.6 / 5
(Read full card review)

A closer look at our top Mastercard credit cards

Citi Rewards+ Card: Best for getting more value from small purchases

  • What we love about the Citi Rewards+: This no-annual-fee card’s round-up feature will take your rewards-earning to another level. Every purchase is rounded up to the nearest 10 points, so a $3 coffee is worth 10 points and an $11 lunch will net you 20 points.
  • Who this card is good for: Small-budget shoppers whose purchases focus on smaller, everyday purchases at places like gas stations and supermarkets.
  • Alternatives: The spending cap on this card’s rewards categories can be a bit limiting and it only earns basic Citi ThankYou points. Pair the Rewards+ card with another Citi rewards card like the Citi Double Cash to boost your rewards earnings.

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Citi Double Cash Card: Best flat-rate cash back card

  • What we love about the Citi Double Cash: The earn-as-you-pay cash back program: 1 percent cash back when you make eligible purchases plus another 1 percent when you pay your balance, resulting in a lucrative 2 percent cash back rate.
  • Who this card is good for: Responsible credit spenders who will always consistently pay their bills on time each month, guaranteeing their generous cash back rate.
  • Alternatives: A card that offers a higher rate of cash back could be more suitable, especially if you have a budget that spans a variety of purchases. The Citi Custom Cash℠ Card’s 5 percent cash back rate on your top eligible spend category each cycle may fit this bill (up to $500 spent each billing cycle, then 1 percent).

Read our full Citi Double Cash Card review.
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Sam’s Club Mastercard: Best wholesale club card

  • What we love about the Sam’s Club Mastercard: The cash back rate on gas is incredibly generous and the bonus spend category on dining and takeout is also a unique perk for a wholesale club card.
  • Who this card is good for: Sam’s Club members and frequent roadtrippers who can rake in the rewards on gas.
  • Alternatives: The Sam’s Club Mastercard requires a Sam’s Club membership, which may not be ideal for every shopper. If you still want to benefit from fruitful gas and supermarket purchase rewards without a membership requirement, the Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express offers competitive rates in these categories.

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Citi Simplicity Card: Best balance transfer intro APR

  • What we love about the Citi Simplicity: This card touts an exceptionally long introductory APR period for balance transfers, making it an ideal debt management tool if you need breathing room to pay down a large balance.
  • Who this card is good for: Committed debt managers who know how to leverage this card’s long balance transfer intro APR offer and will be sure to pay off their balance before the intro offer ends.
  • Alternatives: If you want a bit of both worlds with a long intro APR offer on balance transfers and a bit of rewards for other purchases you make on your card, the Discover it® Balance Transfer is a good option. Its rewards-earning element boosts this balance transfer card’s long-term value.

Read our full Citi Simplicity Card review.
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Capital One Platinum Credit Card: Best for people building credit

  • What we love about the Capital One Platinum: The card comes with solid travel perks and consumer protections, which is uncommon in credit cards for fair credit.
  • Who this card is good for: Credit builders and rebuilders alike who want a card that holds them to task on building up good credit.
  • Alternatives: If you want a bit more incentive for your credit building efforts over time, the Petal® 2 “Cash Back, No Fees” Visa® Credit Card offers modest cash back rewards to start with the chance to increase your rewards rate after making 12 on-time monthly payments.

Read our full Capital One Platinum Credit Card review.
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Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card: Best for average credit

  • What we love about the Capital One QuicksilverOne: This option is one of the more accessible rewards cards on the market, making it a feasible choice for people with average credit.
  • Who this card is good for: Credit beginners who may have aged out of the student cards market but still want a card that earns a solid rewards rate right away.
  • Alternatives: The biggest drawbacks for the QuicksilverOne card is the annual fee (though lower than usual) and the steep ongoing APR. If you are intentionally seeking out a low-cost card, the Upgrade Visa® Card with Cash Rewards has one of the more competitive cash back rates for a card designed for people with fair credit and you could be eligible for one of the lowest credit card APRs on the market, depending on your credit history.

Read our full Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card review.
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Capital One SavorOne Student Cash Rewards Credit Card: Best for college students

  • What we love about the Capital One SavorOne Student: A student card earning unlimited 3 percent cash back on dining is quite rare. This card is one of the most lucrative options available for college students.
  • Who this card is good for: Particularly social college students who can make the most of the high rewards rate on dining purchases.
  • Alternatives: If you don’t mind a little strategic work, the Discover it® Student Cash Back offers 5 percent cash back when you enroll in rotating bonus categories each quarter (up to $1,500 in purchase each quarter, then 1 percent) and some of those categories could include dining purchases. The welcome offer on the Discover it Student Cash Back via the Cashback Match™ program is also generous compared to the SavorOne Student’s lack of a welcome offer.

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Bankrate insight
As an ultra-exclusive option, the Mastercard® Black Card™ is available to cardholders who are certain they want an elite card. You can apply for this high-end, metal-coated credit card online—a rarity for black credit card offers, which typically require an invite from the card provider.

What is Mastercard?

Mastercard, much like Visa, isn’t a true issuer of credit cards but rather a payment network partnering with well-known banks and credit unions to provide credit card options. It offers products in areas including consumer credit, debit, prepaid and commercial payment systems.

Mastercard also partners with merchants all over the world. Its global presence helped Mastercard earn over $15 billion in revenue in 2020. On its way to this figure, Mastercard was able to facilitate over $6 trillion in transactions. A multitude of connections allows the network to process transactions in more than 150 currencies and 210 countries worldwide.

How to choose the best Mastercard credit card

Most cards in the Mastercard network can add substantial value to your credit card portfolio. If you need a bit more help figuring out which Mastercard credit card will best fit your needs, consider these key questions:

  • How loyal are you to the Mastercard brand, and what benefits and coverages do you want access to as a result of that loyalty?
  • What kind of rewards are you most interested in: points, miles or cash back?
  • Are you open to strategizing to maximize bonus categories, or would you prefer a low-maintenance, flat-rate card?
  • What banks and issuer partners are you most interested in?

Still unsure if a Mastercard credit card is right for you? Check out our Credit Card Spender Type Tool where you can get personalized credit card recommendations based on your credit score, spending habits and daily needs.

Pros and cons of Mastercard credit cards


  • Being a loyal member entitles you to special benefits. By qualifying as a Standard/Gold/Platinum World or World Elite member with Mastercard, you’ll gain access to a plethora of ancillary travel benefits and protections.
  • Mastercard provides a variety of options. With choices that earn on dining, gas, entertainment and supermarket purchases, there’s no shortage of ways to earn rewards with Mastercard. The network even backs student and secured credit cards that offer rewards to cardholders.
  • Widespread acceptance. Mastercard is one of the most connected payment networks in the world. If you carry a Mastercard, you can feel confident that you won’t run into issues using your card while traveling the globe.
  • Access to exclusive offers. Mastercard’s connections allow them to provide unique offers, such as access to special events, hotel discounts and a variety of other limited-time promotions.
  • Affordability. Many of Mastercard’s options come without an annual fee, so it won’t cost you every year to continue carrying the card. There are also choices with introductory 0% APR offers, another way cardholders can save.


  • Rewards limitations. Some of Mastercard’s options have less-than-ideal caps on how much you can earn in certain rewards categories. Also, some cards earn points that are considered “basic,” meaning they can’t be transferred to travel partners.
  • Lack of travel options. While there are ways to earn travel rewards with a Mastercard, you can find more rewarding, flexible and travel-focused cards with other providers.
  • Multiple benefit tiers can get confusing. With four levels of loyalty membership, understanding where you stand and what you’ve earned can be hazy. Reviewing the details of Mastercard benefits will help clear the cloudiness.

Mastercard benefits and rewards

Many of Mastercard credit cards offer benefits and rewards typical to the credit card market, but there are a few areas where the company distinguishes itself from competitors.

For starters, Mastercard operates on a multi-rail payment network, meaning it may take more time to completely process a payment (typically one to three days) but the network exchanges data with efficiency and facilitates secure transactions.

In addition to how transactions work, Mastercard stands out with its tiers of credit card benefits and exclusive features. When opening a Mastercard credit card, you have the ability to qualify as a World or World Elite member, bringing you a variety of high-end features. Some of the perks below can be found only with Mastercard:

Mastercard World and World Elite benefits


  • The Priceless Cities travel experience program, an offer unique to Mastercard
  • Identity theft protection
  • Room upgrades, if available
  • Vacation packages
  • Airport concierge service — something not provided at the Visa Signature or Infinite levels

World Elite
Includes all World benefits, plus:

  • Trip cancellation insurance
  • 24-hour concierge
  • Exclusive Mastercard discounts on a variety of airlines, travel expenses, entertainment brands and more

Other Mastercard features

  • SecureCode: A private code made for your Mastercard account, SecureCode helps protect your card in over 122 countries worldwide.
  • True Name™ Cards: To take a stand for inclusion and the LGBTQIA+ community, Mastercard worked with other financial institutions to introduce True Name cards in 2020. These cards allow applicants to choose their desired name without proof of a legal name change.
  • Masterpass: Mastercard’s digital wallet, Masterpass, is designed for online, in-app and in-person shopping. Your card information and address can be stored electronically. Masterpass purchases are a secure way to shop and are also protected by Zero Liability for any unauthorized purchases.

How we chose our top-rated Mastercard cards

Bankrate's personal finance experts have evaluated the top Mastercard credit cards according to our 5-star rating system. The list of criteria for rating credit cards includes:


Whether the card offers cash back, travel points/miles or multi-purpose rewards for eligible purchases and the potential returns based on rewards rate (1 percent cash back per $1 spent, 1 mile per $1 spent, and so on).

Perks and benefits

Whether the card offers extras such as retail discounts, extended warranties on purchases, travel insurance and financial management tools.

Annual fee

Whether the card charges an annual fee and if so, how much the card's overall value and benefits might offset the fee.

Introductory offers

Whether the card has a sign-up bonus, a zero-interest welcome offer or similar sign-up incentive and how much it adds to the card's overall value.

Variable APR

How the card's annual percentage rate (APR) compares with current averages as an indicator of cost and value.

Foreign transaction fee

Whether the card charges a foreign transaction fee for international purchases and how the fee affects the card's overall value.

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