Looking into the new year, growing and scaling are key goals for businesses of any size. Challenges such as inflation, a rapidly shifting economic landscape, evolving consumer priorities, expanding sustainably and talent retention may prove to be roadblocks for a business looking to expand.

When looking toward growth, having the right business credit card can empower you, as a business owner, and your employees in times of challenges.

The Business Platinum Card® from American Express may give your scaling business the tools and resources it needs to succeed with travel rewards, partner benefits, card perks and the power to take control of your finances as your business expands.

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Learn more about key benefits
  • Elevate the work travel experience: The American Express Business Platinum Card comes with solid hotel and airline perks, travel insurance and reward opportunities to foster connections that may help business growth through employee retention and client interactions.
  • Save on business services: Amex offers the ability to unlock over $1,000 in statement credits for business products and services such as Adobe, Dell, Indeed and a Wireless Credit to help run and grow your business.
  • Earn Membership Reward® points: Don’t let inflation bring you down, by earning up to 1.5X the points on certain eligible purchases with your Business Platinum Card.

Grow business connections and retain employees with travel benefits

When you’re scaling the reach of your business, it’s important for your partners, clients and employees to stay connected no matter the distance. Fostering collaboration and enabling face-to-face interactions can help you stay competitive in the market.

For many businesses, the need for in-person collaboration at meetings and events grows even more important as many employees continue to work in a remote and hybrid work environment.

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Key card benefits:
  • Use Pay with Points for first or business class flights booked with American Express Travel and you can get 35 percent points back, up to 1,000,000 points back per calendar year.
  • Enjoy access to statement credits for eligible airline incidentals such as baggage fees, Global Entry or TSA PreCheck and CLEAR membership.
  • Take advantage of Amex’s Global Lounge Collection and Fine Hotels + Resorts Program.
  • Retain and reward employees with Business Platinum Employee Card travel benefits.

American Express has some great benefits for airlines, hotels and more to help elevate the work travel experience. As the account owner, you earn points for every eligible purchase on your Business Platinum Card that can be redeemed for flights, hotels and other rewards. On top of that, when you use Pay with Points for first or business class flights booked with American Express Travel you can get 35 percent points back, up to 1,000,000 points back per calendar year.

Perks for business owners don’t stop there. The American Express Business Platinum Card offers statement credits for airline incidentals such as baggage fees, Global Entry or TSA PreCheck and CLEAR membership, getting you through airport security quickly and efficiently. When you’re through security, you can access over 1,400 lounges through the Global Lounge Collection, allowing you to unwind and get work done on the move.

Even canceled and delayed trips don’t have to be a headache. Amex offers delay, cancellation and interruption insurance for eligible trips. Your business can also earn Membership Rewards points which can be transferred to multiple airline frequent flyer programs.

Adding American Express Employee Business Platinum Cards to your account can give you an edge in retaining your traveling rockstars. While many employers are hoping to hold on to top talent by offering competitive salaries and better employee benefits, you can earn more points and share some of the premium travel perks you love with your employees who use the Business Platinum Employee Card.

Card Members can travel in comfort with Amex’s Fine Hotels + Resorts Program. In addition to staying at top-rated hotels, this program offers your employees perks, including breakfast, guaranteed 4 p.m. late check-out and an experience credit to use at the property.

If approved, Employee Business Platinum Card Members can also enjoy access to the Global Lounge Collection, Global Entry or TSA PreCheck. Travel perks like these can become an advantage of the job, making travel easier for employees on the go. This has the potential to energize your employees to foster face-to-face interactions and put their best foot forward with colleagues and clients.

Leverage business services with Amex

Leveraging partnerships for your business to provide the best service possible is key to supporting business growth. Expanding and scaling a business can include upgrading equipment, adding new software, hiring the best talent possible and finding new ways to automate your tasks — all while keeping costs in mind.

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Key card benefits:

Unlock over $1,000 in annual statement credits for select business services, including:

  • Statement credits with Dell Technologies and wireless telephone services
  • Statement credit for select business subscription purchases with Adobe
  • Statement credit for Indeed for recruiting and hiring needs

For your equipment needs, the Business Platinum Card can earn you up to $400 in statement credits for U.S. purchases with Dell Technologies. Amex also offers an annual $120 credit for wireless telephone services. Enrollment required.

For creative services, Amex offers up to $150 a year for eligible business annual prepaid subscription purchases with Adobe when using your Business Platinum Card. Enrollment required.

Additionally, Amex can help you get the upper hand on recruiting with up to $360 in statement credits for Indeed, giving your company access to job posts, candidate searching, resume filtering and more. Enrollment required.

Manage inflation prices

It’s no secret that prices for everything from travel to labor to raw materials are rising. Managing an increase in expenditures while avoiding — or minimizing — the impact on your customers is an essential and delicate balancing act for a growing business.

Supply chain and inflation woes don’t have to put your growth on hold. The Business Platinum Card allows you to get value back for every eligible dollar you spend, meaning that rising costs can give you the opportunity to subsidize other expenditures in your budget with card rewards.

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Key card highlights:
  • Earn points for every eligible dollar you spend which can be redeemed for statement credits for travel, business purchases and more
  • 1.5X points in certain categories, up to $2 million in purchases per calendar year
  • Point offers as a welcome bonus

The American Express Business Platinum Card offers Membership Rewards points for every eligible dollar you spend. These points can be redeemed for statement credits, travel and hotel bookings, gift cards, charitable donations and more. You can use these rewards to cover business expenses at retailers such as Amazon, Staples and GrubHub.

In addition, you can use points to cover travel costs or reward your employees with trips and gift cards, saving you money and rewarding your hardest workers.

While all eligible purchases with your Business Platinum Card can earn you at least one point per dollar spent, purchases in certain business categories will earn you 1.5X points for up to $2 million in purchases per calendar year. These categories include electronics and software services, tools and construction supplies and shipping.

After you apply and are approved, you may be able to take advantage of point offers as a welcome bonus, earning you thousands of points as soon as you reach a certain spending threshold. Offers like this can allow you to save and redeem your rewards straight away.

The American Express Business Platinum Card: A card to grow with

Running and growing a business isn’t easy, but it can definitely be rewarding. Finding the right business credit card to scale with can unlock opportunities and set you up for a lifetime relationship with a financial partner that can meet your business’s unique needs.

The American Express Business Platinum Card offers exemplary benefits for travel and lodging, allowing you to connect with employees and offices without the usual pain of transport. You can reinvest in your business and reward employees by adding Employee Business Platinum Cards.

American Express has been considered one of the best companies and card providers for businesses — and for good reason. With exclusive travel perks, competitive bonuses and flexible payment options, it might just be the card that gives your business the launchpad it needs to start its growth journey.

Learn more at AmericanExpress.com and get your business ready to scale. Terms apply.