Following the launch of the X1 Card in 2021, fintech startup X1 has unveiled a new card offering: the X1+.

Marketed as a “smart card,” the X1+ Card features all that the original X1 Card offers, plus additional perks, protections and rewards.

The waitlist opens Jan. 26, 2023, and the card will be available to consumers this spring. Similar to the approval process for the X1 Card, you can apply for the X1+ online and check if you are approved without impacting your credit score.

X1+ card details

As noted, the new X1+ credit card will feature perks of the original X1 — smart card limits, which take into account your current and future income, as well as the option to use the card on a disposable basis for a single transaction or day — along with additional benefits, listed below.

If you’re used to the original X1 Card’s lack of an annual fee, though, note the X1+ charges a $75 annual fee.

Lounge access

According to X1, the new card will provide cardholders, and up to four additional passengers, complimentary lounge passes worldwide in case of a delayed flight of an hour or more. Cardholders can also buy access to over 1,000 Priority Lounges.

Travel protections

When your flight gets canceled or delayed, you can benefit from a few travel protections with the X1+ card.

If your baggage gets delayed, enjoy $100 per day in protection for up to three days. And if it’s lost, you can get $3,000 in protection per trip.

Further, in terms of trip cancellation protection, you can benefit from $5,000 per passenger for each trip. The card also provides insurance on car rentals, both in the U.S. and internationally.

Expanded travel rewards

Expanding on the X1 Card’s travel rewards offerings, the X1+ offers 4X points on purchases made with Expedia, and VRBO. As with the X1 Card, you’ll also earn:

  • 2X points on non-category purchases
  • 3X points after you spend $1,000 in a month (3X rate applies to the next $6,500 in spending that month, then 2X points)
  • 4X points for a particular month when you refer a friend and they’re approved (potentially 5X points and 10X points for select referrals)

The X1+ also offers more avenues for cardholders to redeem their rewards, with the addition of merchants such as Emirates, Intercontinental, Hawaiian Airlines and Four Seasons. This is in addition to the X1 Card’s existing roster of merchants such as Airbnb, Delta and Alaska Airlines.

What else does the X1+ card offer?

If you’re concerned about the security of your card information and want to thwart hackers and identity theft, you can opt not to have card numbers on your X1+, thereby keeping your information private.

And while the X1 Card is touted as a stainless steel card, the new X1+ will be available in silver, gold and rose gold colors.

The bottom line

The X1+ aims to provide more travel perks and protections than the original X1 Card, including an additional rewards category and redemption options — though you’ll pay a $75 annual fee.

In the meantime, sign up for the waitlist on X1’s website to stay in the loop on the exact timing of the X1+ credit card’s launch.