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HSBC Bank Mortgage Review 2022

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NMLS: 399799


Rating: 4.4 stars out of 5
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Bankrate Score

Mortgage Percent

Loans offered

Conventional, jumbo, fixed-rate, adjustable-rate; rate-and-term and cash-out refinancing; investment property; CommunityWorks and Homebuyer Dream programs


Nationwide Availability

Available in all U.S. states

Pros and cons

Checkmark Pros

  • All-in-one app for banking and mortgage
  • Assistance programs providing up to $5,000 or $9,500 in closing cost and down payment help (only available in some states)
  • Jumbo loan options for borrowers in the U.S. and abroad
  • Cash-out refinancing solution for investors

Close X Cons

  • Few locations
  • No government-insured loans
  • Only some rate information available online

HSBC Bank overview

HSBC Bank is one of the biggest financial institutions in the world, established in 1865 and offering services including banking, investing and mortgages. In the U.S., the bank is incorporated in Maryland and maintains offices in some major hubs, including New York (where it’s headquartered) and Washington, D.C. While HSBC has been downsizing for several years now, it continues to offer mortgages, with an emphasis on catering to international investors along with first-time homebuyers.

HSBC Bank is good for

Borrowers in need of a jumbo loan or those abroad looking to purchase property in the U.S.

Breakdown of HSBC Bank overall score

  • Affordability: HSBC Bank’s mortgage rates are just slightly below Bankrate’s averages, so you might be able to find better deals elsewhere. The bank’s lowest rates are reserved for those with a credit score of 740 or higher.

  • Availability: HSBC Bank is available to borrowers in the U.S. and other countries, but appears to focus much of its business on real estate investors, offering a bevy of jumbo loans and creative financing for all-cash purchases.

  • Borrower experience: You can start the lending process easily through HSBC’s website, but you’ll need to consult with a loan officer for details regarding your specific mortgage.


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Affordability: 5/5

HSBC Bank’s mortgage rates are in line with Bankrate’s averages, so it’s wise to shop around to see if there are other lower-cost banks or lenders out there. The bank displays rates on its website, but the figures shown are only for borrowers with excellent credit and based in certain counties in New York. For rates in any other location, you’ll need to contact the bank. You can also request a custom rate quote through the bank’s site.

The bank isn’t as forthcoming about fees, but it does advertise credits on some jumbo products, which can save you anywhere from $250 to $1,500 in closing costs, depending on your relationship and balance with the bank.

Availability: 4/5

HSBC Bank lends to borrowers across the U.S. and abroad, with a range of financing options including conventional and jumbo products and some low-down payment programs.In general, for a conventional loan with this lender, you’ll need to keep your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio to no more than 36 percent. If you’re a homebuyer outside the U.S., you’ll need to provide additional documentation, as well: a valid U.S. visa and proof of at least two years’ employment and residency.

Borrower experience: 4.3/5

HSBC Bank is a global organization with millions of customers. For its U.S. operations, the Better Business Bureau gives it a B rating. In the past, the bank has weathered controversy for a lack of anti-money laundering protections.

If you’d like to obtain a mortgage with HSBC, you can start by getting prequalified online. (For the bank, “prequalification” and “preapproval” appear to refer to the same thing: a letter that indicates you’re likely to be approved for financing.)

You can also contact the bank at 844-472-2684 (844-HSBC-MTG) or visit a branch. HSBC loan officers are available for in-person consultations in California, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Virginia and Washington.

In addition, once you close your loan, you can use the HSBC app to conveniently manage mortgage payments along with banking services.

Refinancing with HSBC Bank

HSBC Bank offers rate-and-term and cash-out refinancing, including options for all-cash homebuyers and those who don’t want to (or can’t) pay closing costs upfront. You can find some current refinance rates on the bank’s website, but you’ll need to contact a loan officer for specifics.

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