Auto Loan Basics: Chapter 3 quiz

If you think you’ve mastered the material in this chapter, take our quiz. After you click the ”submit” button, the answers will appear below.

  1. Which of the following is
    not a good tactic when negotiating your best price?

    Appear unfazed after the salesperson reveals his offer.
    Always refuse the dealer’s first proposal.
    Tell the salesperson your spouse does not approve of the price and won’t budge unless the price is reduced.
  2. Buy the car of your dreams today for just $179 a month, claims the advertisement. What the ad really means is:

    On the condition that you make a large down payment.
    Your credit score must be sky high to get that payment plan.
    The “dream car” they speak of doesn’t have any of the standard features most people want.
    There’s only one such car on the lot.
    All of the above
  3. True or False: If you want an extended warranty on your new car, you should purchase it before you leave the dealership.