When did it cost more? A quiz on summer prices


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Sprinklers, Slip ‘N Slides and sparklers are just some of the things that make summer fun. But would a barbecue cost more now than in the ’80s? Take this quiz to find out if your memory still sizzles! We looked at national average prices for various summer items from the Council for Community and Economic Research. The data were collected in the July-September quarters of 1980, 1990, 2000 and 2010. All prices are adjusted for inflation and presented in 2010 dollars.

Answer: Yes!

When factoring for inflation, the price of Coke has dropped from $2.08 per 2-liter bottle in 1980 to $1.42 in 2010.
Next Question Did it cost more to grill up some burgers in 1980? © mpessaris/Shutterstock.com
Answer: Yes!

A pound of ground beef cost an average of $3.98 in 1980 compared with $2.72 in 2010.
Next Question What if you have a hankering for T-bone steak? Is that less expensive, too? © LongkauD/Shutterstock.com
Answer: No!

The national average price for T-bone steaks has increased from $6.60 per pound in 1980 to $9.22 per pound in 2010.
Next Question Was it less expensive to go to the movies a decade or so ago? Is that less expensive, too? © Frank Gaertner/Shutterstock.com
Answer: Not really.

When factoring in inflation, the price of a single admission ticket at a local theater has averaged between $8 and $9 in 1980, 1990, 2000 and 2010.
Next Question Is pizza getting more expensive? © stockyimages/Shutterstock.com
Answer: Nope!

The price of a small pizza has dropped from $13.07 in 1990 to $9.97 in 2010.
Next Question Did a six-pack of beer cost more in 2010 than in 2000? © anweber/Shutterstock.com
Answer: Nope!

Beer was priced at $9.08 for a six-pack in 2000, compared with the bargain price of $8.44 in 2010.
Next Question Care for a game of tennis? Did it cost more to lose a set of tennis balls in 1990 compared with 2010? © David Lee/Shutterstock.com
Answer: Yes!

A three-ball can in 1990 cost $4.12 compared with $2.33 in 2010.
Next Question Is fried chicken less expensive now compared with 1990? © MSPhotographic/Shutterstock.com
Answer: Yes!

Fried chicken cost $1.45 per pound in 1990, compared with $1.15 in 2010.
Next Question Does it cost more now to hit the highways? © KENNY TONG/Shutterstock.com
Answer: You betcha.

Gasoline prices have been on the rise over the past few decades. A gallon of unleaded gas cost $2.68 in 2010, compared with an inflation-adjusted $1.77 in 1990.
Next Question Peaches are great in the summer. Are you paying more for them than you did a decade ago? © Nitr/Shutterstock.com
Answer: Not really.

The price for a 29-ounce can of peaches has held around $2 per can since 1990.