Senior drivers may find their insurance needs are changing, especially if they have purchased a new car or recently retired. Car insurance rates also tend to increase after you turn 70, which may make it harder to find the right coverage for your budget. Finding cheap car insurance for seniors may take some work, but Bankrate is here to make it easier. We compared dozens of carriers to help you get the best senior car insurance rates for the coverage you need.

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Key takeaways
  • Senior car insurance rates may be cheapest through Auto-Owners, USAA, Geico, Erie or Farmers.
  • Erie and Geico show the smallest increase for seniors after a speeding ticket.
  • For seniors with a DUI, Progressive and Mercury may show the least impact on car insurance rates.
  • Geico and USAA may be the best car insurance choice for seniors with less than perfect credit.

What are the cheapest car insurance companies for seniors?

Our research found that Auto-Owners, USAA, Geico, Erie and Farmers may offer the cheapest car insurance for seniors on average. These carriers were determined using several variables, including average annual quoted premium, coverage offerings and discount opportunities for seniors, financial strength and third-party rankings for customer satisfaction.

When searching for cheap auto insurance for seniors, consider your specific coverage needs and ideal auto insurance budget. You can use these specifications to narrow down the best cheap car insurance rates for seniors. In all U.S. states, except Hawaii and Massachusetts, insurers typically consider multiple rating factors, like age, driving record, claims history and whether they have had continuous insurance coverage as part of their basis for senior car insurance rates.

Insurance company Bankrate Score Average annual minimum coverage premium Average annual full coverage premium
Auto-Owners 4.2 $386 $1,289
USAA 5 $398 $1,260
Geico 4.7 $404 $1,377
Erie 4.6 $489 $1,340
Farmers 3.8 $521 $1,456

Cheapest company overall for seniors drivers: Auto-Owners

Cheapest auto insurance companies for seniors by driving record

The cheapest auto insurance for seniors is usually reserved for those with clean driving records. Seniors tend to be especially susceptible to accident risk on the road, as older age could lead to vision and physical impairments, including slower reaction time. Drivers 70 and older are more likely to be involved in fatal car accidents than those aged 35 to 54, with as many as 20 seniors dying in fatal accidents and nearly 540 injured in car accidents daily.

Car insurance rates for seniors with a speeding ticket

Regardless of your age, being convicted of a speeding ticket can cause your car insurance rates to increase. The rate increase after a speeding ticket can vary widely by carrier, as shown in the table below. Any additional infractions on your driving record could also result in a higher-than-average rate increase, such as if you were to get another ticket in a short timeframe. Seniors with a speeding ticket should anticipate a rate increase and practice safe driving habits to avoid any other infractions to their driving record to get the best senior car insurance rates.

Insurance company Bankrate Score Average annual full coverage premium after a ticket Percent increase in premium price after a ticket
USAA 5 $1,362 8%
Erie 4.6 $1,387 3.5%
Auto-Owners 4.5 $1,398 8.5%
State Farm 4.7 $1,471 10.2%
Geico 4.7 $1,482 7.6%

Cheapest company for senior drivers with a speeding ticket: USAA and Erie

Car insurance rates for seniors with a DUI

Of all driving infractions, a DUI conviction typically increases car insurance rates the most. A DUI is a serious offense, with consequences that extend more than just higher auto insurance premiums. Depending on your state, you may also incur fines or jail time for driving under the influence. Additionally, not all companies will insure a driver with a DUI, so it’s important to check with an insurance agent representing the company.

Insurance Company Bankrate Score Average annual full coverage premium after a DUI Percent increase in premium price after a DUI
USAA 5 $1,787 41.8%
Progressive 4.4 $1,802 16%
Erie 4.6 $1,813 35.3%
State Farm 4.7 $1,814 35.9%
Mercury 4.2 $1,858 17.6%

Cheapest company for senior drivers with a DUI: USAA and Progressive

Car insurance rates for seniors with an at-fault accident

When you cause an accident, your rates may reflect an at-fault accident rate increase. How much your car insurance increases depends on the carrier and your recent driving history and the type of at-fault accident. Senior drivers with accident forgiveness may see less of an increase with their current insurer because of the accident, but may lose their safe driving discounts. The following companies offer the cheapest senior car insurance rates after an at-fault accident, although Erie and Auto-Owners show the least premium increase.

Insurance Company Bankrate Score Average annual full coverage premium after an accident Percent increase in premium price after an accident
Erie 4.6 $1,451 8.3%
Auto-Owners 4.5 $1,489 15.5%
USAA 5 $1,501 19.1%
State Farm 4.7 $1,552 16.3%
Nationwide 4.4 $1,569 17.5%

Cheapest company for senior drivers with an at-fault accident: Erie

Average car insurance rates for seniors by credit tier

Seniors may be surprised to know that their credit based insurance score could affect how much you pay for car insurance, in many states. Seniors with excellent credit tend to experience the most affordable average car insurance rates, while those with poor credit will typically pay higher rates. This is because drivers with lower credit scores have been found to file more claims. However, credit is not a permitted rating factor in California, Hawaii, Massachusetts or Michigan.

Insurance Company Poor Average Good Excellent
Auto-Owners $2,235 $1,397 $1,289 $1,124
Erie $2,136 $1,426 $1,340 $1,201
Farmers $2,017 $1,538 $1,456 $1,365
Geico $1,585 $1,378 $1,377 $1,292
USAA $1,789 $1,285 $1,260 $1,165

Cheapest company for senior drivers with poor credit: Geico

Car insurance discounts for seniors

Adding car insurance discounts is one way seniors may be able to get cheap car insurance rates. The amount of savings can vary by carrier and policy, but consider asking about these discounts to see if you are eligible:

  • Low mileage: Drivers who are retired or no longer commute to work may have an annual mileage that is below the national average of 13,000 miles. Some insurers offer discounts for having low annual mileage due to the decreased risk of accidents and claims.
  • Bundling home and auto: Insuring both your home and car with the same carrier may offer the greatest discount on your policy.
  • Vehicle safety equipment: The more safety features your car has, like anti-lock brakes, airbags and anti-collision technology, the lower your rate may be.
  • Safe driving: Drivers who maintain a clean driving record by avoiding tickets and accidents may be able to save with this discount.

How to get cheap car insurance as a senior

Senior citizens may be able to get cheap car insurance by following these steps:

  1. Take a defensive driving course. In some states with approved defensive driving courses, car insurance carriers will offer a discount to seniors over 55 who complete one. You may want to check with your insurance company to see if this discount is an option before taking the course.
  2. Review your driving status. If you’re no longer commuting for work, updating your driving status to pleasure-driving rather than a commuter may save you money due to the lower mileage.
  3. Consider your mileage. If you don’t plan to drive much, you may be able to save with pay-per-mile insurance, which means you pay by usage and mileage rather than a flat rate.
  4. Ask about discounts. Just like any other age group, seniors could take advantage of stackable discounts to maximize their car insurance savings, depending on their insurer.
  5. Shop around. Shopping around with different carriers may offer you more savings than you’re getting with your current insurer. Just be sure to compare the same coverage types and limits to get a true comparison before switching carriers.

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