Sam: What’s the first thing that you look for?

 Brad: I look for ugly houses.  And I always want to look for houses that are uncared for because it may be a sign that it may go on the market soon. So if you’re going and seeing an ugly house in a great, fantastic neighborhood, you can always improve that house. And then you have to do your research. Go online. Look up if it’s in foreclosure.

Sam: Online is great, but there’s nothing like going and seeing a home in person. You need to really get off your butt and go and really understand that neighborhood. Which goes into another really good tip. Whenever you’re looking for a property you want to check it out during the morning, afternoon and evening. You need to see it all around the clock so you know for sure that you are in the right neighborhood.

Brad: I would go look at it 5 or 10 times at different times of the day.

Sam: I hope I’m not your realtor having to show 5 or 10 times. Please tell me at least you make an offer during that time.

Brad: No I don’t make any offers during that time. That’s what I do.