Do I have to keep my kid on my health plan?

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Dear Insurance Adviser,
Recently, our 24-year-old moved out. She has cut ties with us and no longer has anything to do with us. How can we remove her from our health insurance? She won’t pay us for it, but she refuses to get her own. Are we stuck till she turns 26?
— Donald

If my 18-year-old is able to get health insurance through his employer, am I still responsible for covering him on my health insurance until he turns 26? If my daughter, who’s 24, has a full-time job without health insurance, must I pay for her health coverage until she reaches age 26?
— Dawn

Dear Donald and Dawn,
One of the features of the Obama health care law concerns health insurance for young adults. Parents have a right to continue to insure their children on their health plans until age 26. But this is a right — not an obligation.

So Dawn, you can remove your 18-year-old son who has employer-based coverage from your health insurance immediately.

Dawn and Donald, if you decide to take your 24-year-old daughters off your plans, it would be best to do so during Obamacare’s fall and winter annual open enrollment period. Your children could enroll in the plans of their choice, regardless of their health, and they’d be eligible for government assistance with premiums if their income qualifies.

If you’re going to remove any of your children from your health insurance policy, make sure the date that the coverage ends coincides with the date their new coverage starts.

Good luck!

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