Uber, AARP: Seniors driving seniors?

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What happens in retirement when you need a ride?

It’s an important question. Transportation — whether you’ve reached retirement age or not — has to be managed, if not daily, then regularly.

Next Avenue, a website in St. Paul, Minnesota, dealt with the topic in feature, asking, Do You Have a Transportation Plan for Retirement?

Writer Liza Kaufman Hogan states, “Given that more than 65% of Americans over 65 live in the suburbs, where access to public transit is limited and hailing a cab isn’t a ready option, transportation should be top of mind whether you plan to age in place, join a retirement community or downsize to a condo across town.”

Is ride sharing the answer?

AARP, through its nonprofit subsidiary, Life Reimagined, has recently announced a collaboration with the ride-sharing firm Uber to provide flexible opportunities for Life Reimagined members to earn income as Uber drivers.

The synergy of seniors who still drive providing rides to seniors that need them struck a chord with me. Hogan mentions that an Uber competitor, Lyft, provides free rides to some seniors through a program called “Lyft for Good.”

What are the public transit options?

The point of having a transportation plan in retirement is to anticipate how you are going to get around in your community after you aren’t able to do it on your own. Thinking ahead about the issue can influence decisions about where you live in retirement.

What are the mass transit options? Are there special public transportation services for seniors and for those with disabilities? Does your retirement community offer transportation services that will meet your needs?

What stage you are in retirement, whether it’s the go-go, slow-go or no-go years, will influence your transportation needs, but anticipating moving on to the next stage by thinking about transportation issues and coming up with a transportation plan makes perfect sense to me.

What’s your retirement transportation plan?

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