Retirement Guide tools and resources

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Whether you’re just starting out, midway through your career or approaching retirement, these tools and work sheets will help you plan for a prosperous and secure retirement.



Work sheets:

  • Retirement planning checklist

    Whether you’re planning to retire in one year or 30, review Bankrate’s retirement planning checklist to see if you’re on track.

  • Creating a retirement budget

    Balance your income with your monthly expenses so you don’t get in financial trouble during retirement.

  • Daily expense tracker

    Staying on a budget involves tracking your expenses. This handy daily expense tracker can help.

  • Protect your pension

    Know your rights as a 401(k) plan participant if you suspect foul play with your retirement plan.

  • Dealing with debt

    Debt is particularly burdensome during retirement. Get a handle on what you owe and put together a plan of attack.

  • Protect yourself from scams

    No one is immune from scam artists, but older people are particularly vulnerable. Read this checklist to protect yourself or a loved one.

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