Managing income in retirement

We all may have theoretical ideas about how retirement should go, but practical decisions, such as when to apply for Social Security benefits and how to arrange investments so they’ll last for a lifetime, will determine whether we are successful when the time comes.

In this package, Bankrate presents stories focused on pragmatic strategies to help you manage income in retirement. “Avoid wrecks” cites academic studies that reveal how to achieve portfolio success and prevent failure. It’s a must-read. Another story showcases the advice of three experts as they help plan the income for a prototypical couple with $260,000 saved in their retirement plans. And did you know that when and how you apply for Social Security benefits — beyond what you’ll find on the Social Security website — can make a big difference in how much income you’ll collect in your lifetime? These and other stories help you navigate around all the potholes on the road to retirement.