The longevity plan: Living to 100-plus requires intensive retirement planning


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Will you live to be 120, and if you do, how will you pay the bills?

About 2 years ago, the Society of Actuaries warned its clients, who manage old-fashioned pension funds, that they could have pensioners who live until they are as old as 120. And these people must be paid their pensions for life.

Living to 100-plus is not pure fantasy. The search for the fountain of youth is progressing. For instance:

  • Aubrey de Grey, the chief science officer at SENS Research Foundation, an anti-aging think tank, spends millions of dollars annually researching rejuvenation biotechnologies. The firm claims that you can conquer aging through good maintenance, the same way you keep a vintage car running.
  • In 2013, Google launched the California Life Company, or Calico. Its mission is to reverse-engineer the biology that controls life span.

So far, no magic elixirs have been announced, but some scientists think they are getting close. In 2004, de Grey wrote, “I think the first person to live to 1,000 might be 60 already.”