Reviews of Credit Cards for Fair Credit

Credit cards for people with fair credit – generally a 580 to 669 credit score – deliver rewards and perks alongside credit-building features. Cash back rewards on purchases, no annual fees and regular reporting to credit bureaus are just a few of the things you can expect from credit cards for fair credit.

When comparing offers, look for a fair credit card that fits your financial needs. For daily purchases, cash-back rewards on groceries, gas, and dining can pay big dividends. If you plan on carrying a balance month-to-month, a lower APR card with no balance penalties is likely a better option. 

Our Bankrate experts rated the best credit cards for fair credit based on several factors. Credit score requirements, annual fees, APRs, late payment forgiveness and credit-building features are the key criteria we used. In the reviews of credit cards for fair credit below, you can compare offers and find expert recommendations for your specific needs.

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Capital One Platinum Credit Card


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