2011 Debit Card Rewards Survey
The Golden 1 CU Rainbow Rewards

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The Golden 1 CU Rainbow Rewards

Reward formulaPurchase limitationCap on rewardsExpirationAnnual fee
Varies -- see notes.Signature-based only. PIN-based transactions do not earn rewards.No limitNo limit$0
Participating businesses choose a cash-back percentage that ranges from 2 percent to 33 percent. On the site, these percentages are displayed next to each business listing. The dollar amount of the reward is equal to your purchase amount multiplied by the cash-back percentage. If the consumer opts to receive cash back by check (as opposed to direct deposit), there is a $10 service fee for the check. All subsequent disbursements of cash back via check would be free of any fees.

Bankrate.com surveyed the largest banks and thrifts in the top five markets in the country plus the top five credit unions to find out what debit card rewards programs are available and how they work. The survey was taken from Aug. 22 to Sept. 9, 2011.

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