Business credit cards are valuable tools that can help entrepreneurs and business owners manage cash flow and cover large expenses. Many business credit cards rely on personal credit checks or personal guarantees to ensure responsible card use; however, if you’re hesitant about the impact of a credit check on your personal credit score, there are a few business credit cards you can access without personal credit checks.

Just be aware that issuers may place additional restrictions to limit their risk without a personal credit check. For example, business cards with no personal credit check often come as charge cards. These must be paid off in full each month, limiting risk to the issuer, but the inability to carry a balance may make the card less appealing to you as a business owner.

With that in mind, here are some of the best business credit cards with no personal credit check.

Comparing the best business cards with no personal credit check

Card name Best for Highlights Bankrate score
Brex Card Earning rewards
  • Up to 8X points when payments made daily
  • High credit limit based on equity and spending
Ramp Visa® Corporate Card Business management tools
  • 1.5% cash back on all business purchases
  • High credit limit based on cash balances
  • Automated accounting
  • Expense management
Stripe Corporate Card Stripe customers
  • 1.5% cash back on all business purchases
  • Stripe integration
Emburse Cards Variety of card options
  • 1% cash back on all purchases with some cards
  • Expense management

Top business cards with no personal credit check

Brex Card image
Best for earning rewards

Brex Card

Rating: 5 stars out of 5
  • Businesses that earn a significant amount each year and can pay off their total balance daily are a good fit. Additionally, businesses taking advantage of the card’s highest rewards tiers can reap massive rewards.
Best for business management tools

Ramp Visa® Corporate Card

  • With no annual fees or revenue requirements, most business owners can qualify for Ramp. Business owners with employees who don’t want to run a personal credit check are likely to appreciate Ramp.
Best for Stripe customers

Stripe Corporate Card

  • Those who use Stripe as their payment processor should consider applying for the company’s corporate card. It’s easy to apply for and has no annual fee. The 1.5 percent cash back is perfect for businesses that want an easy-to-maximize rewards structure.
Best for a variety of card options

Emburse Cards

  • Emburse members using the company’s business management software should consider using Emburse cards. These customizable cards make managing every aspect of your business easy, especially when new cards must be made quickly for different purposes.

Can you get a business credit card with no credit check?

Most lenders use credit checks to ensure you’re responsible enough to manage the line of credit and pay them back. It’s rare to find lenders who avoid a credit check, although some won’t run your personal credit, just your business credit.

If credit checks are a concern, you have options like applying for a business card with no credit check, secured cards and prepaid cards.  Secured business credit cards are designed for those with poor credit. Just like personal secured cards, instead of a strong credit profile, you submit a security deposit used as collateral if you stop making payments. This deposit often acts as your credit line as well.

Additionally, prepaid credit cards for businesses allow you to use whatever money you load onto the card. These cards help you stick to a budget more efficiently and avoid debt while also enabling you to enjoy some of the benefits of business credit cards.

Is a business credit card with no personal credit check right for you?

Business credit cards with no personal credit checks are specific credit products for certain cardholders. This type of card may be suitable if:

  • You have strong business credit: Some credit card companies only run your business credit. You’ll likely qualify for these cards with a good score.
  • You don’t want a hard pull on your personal credit: Having too many hard credit checks on your personal credit profile can temporarily cause your score to decline. If you don’t want to risk a decline — or if your personal credit score is low — you may be better served with a card that doesn’t run your personal credit.
  • You want a card fast: Certain cards (like the Emburse Cards) give you access to credit almost instantly so you can use them to earn rewards and give your employees spending power.

How to choose a business credit card

Compared to other types of credit cards, business credit cards with no personal credit check aren’t as common, so your choices are limited. That said, you still need to research your options thoroughly when choosing a business card.

  • Consider your business needs:  Figure out how you can match your business needs with the benefits that come with a particular business card. Opening a business card with no personal credit check keeps your business and personal finances separate while helping you avoid a hard inquiry on your personal credit profile.
  • Determine your business credit score: If your personal score isn’t great but your business score is, you may have more options. Business credit cards with no personal credit check use other factors like your business credit score to determine your creditworthiness.
  • Evaluate fees and interest rates: Some business credit cards have significant annual fees. Before selecting an annual fee card, determine whether the benefits outweigh the cost. If you plan on carrying a balance, look at the interest rate you’ll likely qualify for to understand the full financial impact of opening the card.
  • Consider the credit limit: If you anticipate making large purchases, you’ll want a card with a higher credit limit. Look at each issuer’s limits and credit requirements and pick the one that’s most likely to work for your needs.
  • Look at additional benefits: Some business credit cards offer perks like free employee cards, expense tracking tools and reporting features to help manage business expenses efficiently. If you’ll use these perks, make sure the card you choose includes them. If you are looking for rewards in specific business categories, focus on rewards business cards.

The bottom line

Business credit cards with no personal credit checks aren’t extremely common, but there are enough options with varying features that most businesses can find one that works for them. You may have to settle for less-than-stellar rewards and the inability to carry a balance, but if you can, many other perks come with these cards.

*The information about the Ramp Visa® Corporate Card, Stripe Corporate Card and Emburse Cards have been collected independently by Bankrate. The card details have not been reviewed or approved by the issuer.