Synovus Bank Green Dot Prepaid Card

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Prepaid debit cards can be an alternative for consumers who have had trouble establishing or improving credit. Bankrate's 2012 survey offers a rundown of the card's many variables, including fees, restrictions and factors that may affect a consumer's decision in choosing a prepaid debit card.

Synovus Bank Green Dot Prepaid Card
Synovus Bank Green Dot Prepaid Card
Application form
Monthly maintenance fee$5.95
Can the monthly fee be avoided?Yes, see notes.
Prepaid debit card activation fee$4.95
Prepaid card issuer's ATM withdrawal feeNone
Nonissuer's ATM withdrawal fee, not including any bank$2.50
ATM balance inquiry fee$0.50
Fees for point-of-sale transactionsNone
Fees for signature transactionsNone
Paper statement feeNone
Bill payment feeNone
Fee for customer service by phoneNone
Declined transaction feeNone
Inactivity feeNone; the monthly service fee will only be charged for two months if there is no activity.
Notes: The monthly service fee is waived with a $1,000 load per month or 30 purchase transactions per month. The reload fee at retailers varies up to $4.95. surveyed 18 prepaid debit card offers from March 19-23, 2012. These are the resulting fees, restrictions and other card provisions.



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