The AchieveCard Prepaid MasterCard has a zero monthly maintenance fee, but point-of-sale transaction fees can add up if you use the card often. Bankrate’s 2013 Prepaid Debit Card Survey offers a rundown of the cards’ many variables, including fees, restrictions and factors that may affect a consumer’s decision in choosing a prepaid debit card.

AchieveCard Prepaid MasterCard, Silver Plan (by First California Bank)

Are funds FDIC-insured? Yes
Monthly maintenance fee $0.00
Can the monthly fee be avoided? N/A
Card activation fee $0.00
ATM withdrawal fee (issuer’s ATM) $2.50
Nonissuer’s ATM withdrawal fee, not including any bank fees $2.50
ATM balance inquiry $0.95
Fees for point-of-sale transaction $2.00
Fees for signature transaction $1.00
Paper statement fee $2.95
Fee for customer service by phone $0.00
Declined transaction fee $0.00
Inactivity fee Closed after 90 days
Notes: Gold: $9.95 monthly service fee, $0.95 point-of-sale transaction fee, free signature transactons. Platinum: $14.95 monthly maintenance fee, $0.95 point-of-sale transaction fee, free signature transactions. It includes Achieve Roadside Assistance, Achieve Discount Health Plan, and Achieve ID Theft Protection. surveyed 24 prepaid debit card offers from Feb. 12-19, 2014. These are the resulting fees, restrictions and other card provisions.

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