What’s crushing CD rates?

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Ever since the economy began to sink into the Great Recession, investors in certificates of deposit have suffered through some of the worst yields in modern history.

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Part of a CD’s rate is determined by the terms, for instance the minimum to open, the early withdrawal penalty and the term, or the length of time the bank keeps your money.

More influential on CD rates are demand for loans. When banks want to lend out a lot of money, they try to attract more deposits through attractive CD rates. Right now businesses aren’t borrowing much money which means banks don’t need deposits.

Yields on other safe investments also impact CD rates. Banks price CDs in relation to other very safe investments, Treasury securities. As a result of the stock market crash in 2008 Treasury yields have been extremely low, yields go down in relation to demand. When investors leave the safety of Treasuries, yields will go up and that will impact other safe investments like CDs.

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