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A FICO score/credit score is used to represent the creditworthiness of a person and may be one indicator to the credit type you are eligible for. However, credit score alone does not guarantee or imply approval for any financial product.

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The Surge Mastercard® Credit Card is another in a line of cards for people who have few other unsecured choices. We understand you don’t want to have to make a deposit — a requirement of secured credit cards — but you’ll face hundreds of dollars in unnecessary fees if you choose this credit card.


The Surge Mastercard Credit Card is an unsecured card, but the issuer, Celtic Bank, says you may be approved for a secured card with a $50, $150 or $500 security deposit if your credit history doesn’t warrant a standard credit card.

If you don’t think your credit is good enough for an unsecured card, look elsewhere. There are better options that don’t come with huge fees attached. If you think your credit is good enough for a secured card, look elsewhere. There are better options that don’t come with huge fees attached. All of this to earn an initial credit limit of $300 – $750.

Take a pass if you can.

Who should get this card

If you have little credit history or what you have is poor, you might consider the Surge Mastercard Credit Card if you’re confident you can use it responsibly. If you don’t mind paying a lot of fees and you’re only going to use it to buy something small for credit-building purposes, this card can help you improve your credit score over time.

Fees and APR

  • See terms for annual fee and APR information.
  • There is an annual maintenance fee with this card.
  • You’ll pay a foreign transaction fee on all purchases made outside the U.S.
  • Late payments won’t affect your APR but there is a late payment fee .

Extras and perks

There are no extras or perks with this card.