American Express is offering eligible cardholders boosted credit card rewards for referring friends and business owners between now and Dec. 1, 2021. If your referral results in an approved account, you’ll earn 4 more rewards per dollar on eligible purchases for three months, on up to $25,000, starting from the first date your referral’s account is approved.

Although we’ve seen Amex boost rewards based on approved referrals before, this is the first time that eligible business Amex cardholders can participate. Plus, the offer is better than ever.

What is the Amex Refer a Friend program?

With the refer-a-friend program, friends, family members and business-owning colleagues can apply for American Express credit cards using your unique referral link. Typically, if your referral’s application is approved for an eligible American Express consumer or business card, you’re awarded a set number of Membership Rewards points.

In this case, the limited-time offer is for an additional 4 points per dollar spent on eligible purchases on your Amex account (up to $25,000). Your referral can still receive a welcome offer when they apply through the referral link and are approved.

Which Amex cards are eligible for the referral bonus?

Not every American Express card offers a referral bonus, so double-check your eligibility and read up on the details of your card’s specific offer.

You can refer friends to American Express cards you don’t own as long as they are in the same family as the card in your possession. It’s important to know that the referral bonus doesn’t apply to Amex co-branded cards such as Hilton or Delta Amex cards, only proprietary Amex cards.

You may not be eligible to participate in the referral program if you don’t own a qualifying American Express card, are behind on credit card bill payments or have reached the maximum amount of referral points.

Also, you may not earn the referral bonus if your referral’s application is not approved, they don’t use your referral link for their Amex card application or if for some other reason you are deemed an ineligible referral.

Here is a list of cards that allow you to participate in the Amex limited-time referral bonus:

American Express Consumer American Express Business Cards

You can only earn the additional rewards once per card, although you can refer from multiple Amex cards.

Our take

This limited-time offer represents a great opportunity to boost your rewards earnings, especially in time for holiday spending with your Amex card. If you know someone interested in getting a new American Express card, this referral bonus could make it worthwhile to refer people you know.

For more information on the program and current promotion, log into the Amex Refer a Friend portal.