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Banking Basics

What is the budget deficit?

The financial practice of spending less than you make doesn’t apply to the federal government.

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  • Pay more, get more debit rewards

    Bankrate’s Debit Card Study shows free rewards programs lag in benefits, and those with fees give better rewards.

    4 min read Oct 08, 2007
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  • ABCs of ATMs

    The ATM provides plenty of convenience, but it often comes with a price tag in tow.

    2 min read Oct 01, 2007
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  • How safe is your bank?

    Check the financial health of a bank, thrift or credit union before you give them your money.

    2 min read Oct 01, 2007
  • The trouble with tech trash

    Constantly upgrading your home computer and entertainment centre may hurt more than just your wallet.

    4 min read May 07, 2007
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  • Check card problems to watch for

    Overdrawing your account and daily usage limits are two potential problems to pay attention to with check cards.

    4 min read Mar 12, 2007
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  • 11 ways to jump-start your savings

    Slow and steady is the usual savings mantra, but it can be tough to stay motivated. Here’s how to get going with a bang and see that balance climb early.

    4 min read Nov 01, 2006
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