The best big banks of 2020

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Best banks of 2020: Big banks | Credit unions | Online banks | Regional banks

Today's consumers have a long list of banks to choose from. But the most popular financial institutions attracted the most customers by offering the convenience of more branches and ATMs in more locations. The biggest banks have a lot more to offer: sign-up bonuses for new account holders, dozens of products and services, high-tech features and extensive access to branches and ATMs. The downside? They also tend to charge higher fees than credit unions and many of their smaller competitors. Moreover, big banks’ yields are usually less competitive than the savings account and CD rates offered by online banks. Bankrate ranked America's best big banks using factors including fees, checking and savings account rates, mobile app ratings and minimum deposit requirements. Depending on your lifestyle and financial needs, consider whether one of the institutions listed could be a good fit for you.