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    ABCs of ATMs

    The ATM provides plenty of convenience, but it often comes with a price tag in tow.

    2 min read Oct 01, 2007
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    How safe is your bank?

    Check the financial health of a bank, thrift or credit union before you give them your money.

    2 min read Oct 01, 2007
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    Deposit safe if FDIC insured

    Dr. Don advises a reader who worries that mortgage securities problems threaten his deposits.

    2 min read Aug 22, 2007
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    The trouble with tech trash

    Constantly upgrading your home computer and entertainment centre may hurt more than just your wallet.

    4 min read May 07, 2007
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    Cheap checks can cost you

    If your discount check comes apart during processing, you might get hit with a fee.

    5 min read Aug 25, 2006
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    Suspicious Activity Reports: Terrorism and you

    It seems bizarre that anyone should worry that paying off a legitimate debt through legitimate banking channels could land them in trouble with the Feds, but that’s the thought crossing many minds as [...]

    8 min read Jun 28, 2006
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