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Methodology: Bankrate evaluates brokers on factors that matter to individual investors, including commissions, account fees, available securities, trading platforms, research and many more. After weighting these objective measures according to their importance, we then systematically score the brokers and scale them to ensure that you are seeing the top players among a field of high-quality brokers.  

Investing basics

What is an index fund?

Index funds are an easy, low-cost way to get diversified. Are they right for your portfolio?

3 min read

What is the S&P 500?

When people ask “how the market did today,” they’re often referring specifically to the S&P 500.

4 min read

Target date fund basics

Target-date funds let you put investing activities on autopilot. Here’s what to know.

2 min read

What's the VIX?

Heard of the VIX, but not quite sure what it means? We’ll give you the basics on this popular volatility index.

3 min read

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