Oklahoma is one of a handful of states that has an 80 mph maximum speed limit posted on some of its rural interstate highways. However, just because you have a little more leeway doesn’t mean you should get greedy with your speed. In addition to fines and other potential legal penalties, speeding tickets can often cause your insurance premium to increase substantially. In fact, drivers who have a moving violation on their record typically pay a few hundred dollars more on average than a driver with a clean record. Understanding the financial impacts of a speeding ticket in Oklahoma can help you navigate purchasing the best car insurance for your needs.

How much is a speeding ticket in Oklahoma?

There can be severe financial consequences if you allow your foot to get a little too heavy on the gas pedal. Fines can vary slightly depending on the city. For example, in Tahlequah, OK, speeding in a school zone is $235, while in Norman, OK, this would be a $285 fine. Here are Oklahoma’s stated fines for speeding tickets within the capital of Oklahoma City:

  • Speeding up to 10 mph over the limit: $172
  • 11-19 mph over the limit: $203
  • Over 20 mph: $213
  • Speeding in a residential area: $213
  • Speeding in a school zone: $213

However, paying your speeding ticket is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to its financial impact. According to Quadrant Information Services, as of April 2024, Oklahoma drivers with clean driving records pay on average $2,585 for full coverage per year and $519 for minimum coverage per year. After receiving a first speeding ticket in Oklahoma, drivers may see their average annual costs inflate to $3,040 for full coverage and $617 for minimum coverage, respectively, representing an 18 and 19 percent increase.

Car insurance companies believe they assume more risk by insuring a driver with a speeding ticket on their record, so they raise rates to compensate — which sounds fair from a business perspective, but it doesn’t make it any less painful on your budget.

Depending on the severity and circumstances of your speeding violation, you could also receive up to a 10-day jail sentence (for a first conviction, it can increase for repeat offenders). In addition, you’ll likely receive two to four points against your driving record. You may face a license suspension if you accumulate ten or more points within five years.

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The cheapest car insurance for Oklahoma drivers with a speeding ticket

In Oklahoma, two demerit points are deducted from your driving record every 12 months without a moving violation. Then, if you go ticket-free for three consecutive years, your record resets to zero points.

While you work toward cleaning your driving record, it may be worthwhile to consider switching to an insurance provider that offers more grace towards speeders. While it’s practically impossible to avoid a rate hike entirely, here is a list of cheaper insurance providers in Oklahoma that don’t punish drivers with a speeding ticket on their record as harshly:

Company Avg. full coverage rate before speeding ticket Avg. full coverage rate after speeding ticket % diff. from state average after speeding ticket
Geico $1,780 $2,248 +26%
USAA $1,831 $2,268 +24%
American Farmers & Ranchers Mutual $1,694 $2,313 +37%
State Farm $2,290 $2,614 +14%
Mercury $1,904 $2,813 +48%

What to do after a speeding ticket in Oklahoma

Your first option after getting a speeding ticket in Oklahoma is to pay your fine and move on with your life. While convenient, you may be leaving money on the table by making this decision. Here are some strategies you could potentially implement to lower your insurance costs while waiting for your speeding ticket to fall off your driving record.

Go to court

In Oklahoma, you have 15 business days to decide if you want to appear in court to fight your speeding ticket. If you feel your ticket was unjust, you can certainly attempt to plead not guilty. Before doing this, it’s generally a good idea to weigh the costs of court and attorney fees against the fines and insurance hike associated with your speeding ticket to determine the better financial option.

You also have the option to plead guilty. By acknowledging fault, the judge may decide to reduce or dismiss your ticket. Another possibility is that the judge decides to make you pay your fine but also gives you the option to attend a court-approved driving course to clear the ticket from your driving record. This way, you could avoid an insurance rate increase altogether.

Commit to safe driving

After receiving a speeding ticket, you may have to regain the trust of your insurance provider. One way to do that is to sign up for their telematics program if available. These programs utilize GPS tracking to collect data about your daily driving habits. If you consistently avoid dangerous situations and practice safe maneuvers, your provider may be willing to forgive your speeding ticket and bring your rate back down some.

Adjust your insurance policy

As we mentioned earlier, shopping around for a different insurance provider while you have a speeding ticket on your record can uncover potential savings opportunities. But if you opt to stick with your current provider, you could also lower your premium by making some adjustments to your insurance policy, which could include raising your deductible or dropping optional coverages. You could also explore your eligibility for discounts you haven’t previously enrolled in, like paperless billing or policy bundling.

Frequently asked questions

  • There are many good auto insurance companies with years of experience in dealing with drivers with challenging driving records, including speeding. While drivers with tickets may find the best rates, on average, with Geico and USAA, every carrier is different. The best way to ensure you are getting the coverage you need at an affordable rate is to obtain quotes from several different insurance companies. In addition to price, you can also review a company’s customer service ratings and claims process to see if they are the best fit for you.
  • If you’ve been caught speeding and it’s now on your record, your insurance will likely increase on the next renewal date. If you’re looking for new insurance, you can likely find coverage, but the premiums will just be higher compared to a clean record. It may be worth it to shop around to find an affordable price after getting a speeding ticket.
  • Speeding in Oklahoma typically puts two to four points on your driving record. If you drive without receiving further tickets, the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety will remove two points from your license after one year. If you go three years without additional tickets, all your points should be removed. Keep in mind that you might be able to take an approved Oklahoma defensive driving course to remove two points from your record as well.


Bankrate utilizes Quadrant Information Services to analyze April 2024 rates for all ZIP codes and carriers in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Rates are weighted based on the population density in each geographic region. Quoted rates are based on a single, 40-year-old male and female driver with a clean driving record, good credit and the following full coverage limits:

  • $100,000 bodily injury liability per person
  • $300,000 bodily injury liability per accident
  • $50,000 property damage liability per accident
  • $100,000 uninsured motorist bodily injury per person
  • $300,000 uninsured motorist bodily injury per accident
  • $500 collision deductible
  • $500 comprehensive deductible

To determine minimum coverage limits, Bankrate used minimum coverage that meets each state’s requirements. Our base profile drivers own a 2022 Toyota Camry, commute five days a week and drive 12,000 miles annually.

These are sample rates and should only be used for comparative purposes.

Incidents: Rates were calculated by evaluating our base profile with the following incidents applied: clean record (base) and single speeding ticket.