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Bankrate's 2014 Prepaid Debit Cards Survey offers a rundown of the card's many variables, including fees, restrictions and factors that may affect a consumer's decision in choosing a prepaid debit card. The Approved Card from Suze Orman (by The Bancorp Bank) comes with a $3 monthly maintenance fee as well as a $3 card activation fee.

The Approved Card from Suze Orman (by The Bancorp Bank)

Are funds FDIC-insured?Yes
Monthly maintenance fee$3.00
Can the monthly fee be avoided?No
Card activation fee$3.00
Reload fee via direct deposit$0.00
ATM withdrawal fee (issuer's ATM)$2.00
Nonissuer's ATM withdrawal fee, not including any bank fees$2.00
ATM balance inquiry$1.00
Fees for point-of-sale transaction$0.00
Fees for signature transaction$0.00
Paper statement fee$0.00
Paper statement at ATMN/A
Bill payment fee$0.00
Fee for customer service by phone$2.00
Declined transaction fee$0.00 at point of sale; $1.00 at ATM
Inactivity fee$0.00
Notes: Reload fees at retailers vary from $3.50 to $4.95. Monthly maintenance fee is waived for the first month. ATM fees, including balance inquiries, are waived at Allpoint ATMs for 30 days after each direct deposit or bank-to-card transfer. Live support: one free call per month, then $2 per call, thereafter. When a transaction is declined, fees are waived for 30 days after each direct deposit or bank transfer. Electronic bill payment is zero; $1 with paper check. With inactivity, account may be closed in three months with a zero balance. surveyed 24 prepaid debit card offers from Feb. 12-19, 2014. These are the resulting fees, restrictions and other card provisions.


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