5 credit union perks for the little guy

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It’s not just the lower fees and higher savings rates that make credit unions better than banks…it’s also the little perks you get along the way. I’m Kristin Arnold with your Bankrate.com Personal Finance Minute.

Most credit unions take financial literacy very seriously, so they offer workshops and financial counseling. Landmark Credit Union in New Berlin, Wisconsin holds seminars on budgeting and homebuying.

Virginia Credit Union currently offers nine discounts on amusement parks, tax preparation and even travel. These perks are typical found with large membership unions…but it’s doubtful you would find these perks at large banks.

Some credit unions offer cash-back incentives on checking accounts, savings and car loans. Other credit unions offer cash incentives that offer higher interest rates on your first $500 in a checking or savings account by signing up for various services like onlin bill pay.

Credit Unions have everything the big banks have and more…while looking out for the little guy too. To learn more about Credit unions and how you can become a member, just visit bankrate.com. I’m kristin arnold.