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Noblr insurance review 2023

Updated Mar 09, 2023

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Policyholders with military affiliation who don’t mind sharing data via their smartphone and want to take advantage of premiums based on their personal driving habits might find Noblr as their company of choice.

  • Auto rates are highly-personalized since they are based on your driving habits and mileage through the Noblr app.

  • Owned by USAA

  • Roadside assistance comes standard with every policy

  • Must be affiliated with the military to qualify, since Noblr is only available to USAA members or those who qualify for USAA

  • Only available in 10 states

  • Fewer coverage options compared to other carriers and even to USAA car insurance

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Noblr car insurance

Based on Bankrate’s expert assessment, Noblr car insurance may be best for tech-savvy drivers with low annual mileage and who practice safe driving habits. Noblr, a USAA partner company, is one of the most unique insurance providers on the market. As a policyholder with Noblr, your car insurance rates will be based on your driving patterns, habits and miles traveled. All of this information is tracked through its mobile app.

Like other telematics car insurance programs, drivers with Noblr pay insurance rates based on their own driving habits. To get started, drivers first purchase a policy online, then download the Noblr app onto their mobile phones. Features like location and motion settings must be enabled for the app to track driving behaviors to estimate car insurance rates and savings.

While driving, the Noblr app will track factors like mileage, acceleration and braking, types of roads driven, the time of day and how often drivers use their phones while driving. If you have other members in your household, it’s also possible to add additional drivers and track their driving progress.

Noblr’s car insurance coverage options are more basic compared to other car insurance carriers, and even its partner company USAA. Outside of mandatory coverage, like liability and personal injury (where required), optional car insurance add-ons are limited to standard coverage like collision, comprehensive, rental reimbursement, and in some states, medical payments. Every Noblr car insurance policy also comes with roadside assistance, but you can only use it three times in each six-month policy term. USAA members considering Noblr may also want to keep in mind that the carrier doesn’t appear to offer the same military-specific coverage and discounts as USAA car insurance and has far more limited state availability.

Unlike national car insurance carriers, Noblr car insurance is available in 10 states: Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia. The company states it is expanding to Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, Tennessee and Wisconsin soon, but timeframes are unavailable. If you live in a state where this company is an option, Bankrate’s Noblr Insurance review can help you learn more about this company and if it’s the right fit for you.

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Insurance Disclosure, LLC is a licensed insurance producer (NPN: 19966249). services are only available in states where it is licensed. may not offer insurance coverage in all states or scenarios. All insurance products are governed by the terms in the applicable insurance policy, and all related decisions (such as approval for coverage, premiums, commissions and fees) and policy obligations are the sole responsibility of the underwriting insurer. The information on this site does not modify any insurance policy terms in any way.

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Noblr car insurance cost

Noblr’s average premiums are unavailable, but those who’d like to compare car insurance rates may request a quote online or contact by phone or via chat.

Noblr car insurance discounts

Noblr discount opportunities are limited. Also known as Noblr Rewards, drivers can save on their car insurance for simply purchasing a policy, paying the fixed portion of the premium in full and renewing the policy at the end of the policy term.

Noblr car tools and benefits

Noblr does not advertise any tools or benefits for its policyholders outside of its app-based insurance offerings.

Noblr customer satisfaction

For many, rates aren’t the only consideration when requesting car insurance quotes. Instead, these shoppers may have customer service at the top of their minds. For this reason, Bankrate analyzes third-party scores to evaluate policyholder satisfaction.

Although we typically look to J.D. Power to understand a company’s satisfaction, J.D. Power did not include Noblr in any of its 2022 insurance studies (probably because Noblr is a regional carrier in the niche usage-based insurance market). As such, we had to rely on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Complaint Index Report to get a feel for the Noblr policyholder experience.

To understand this data, first, you should know that the NAIC keeps track of the customer complaints it receives about insurance companies and translates this into a complaint index score. If a company has an average number of complaints compared to other carriers of similar size, it is issued a complaint index score of 1.0. A score higher than 1.0 means that it receives more complaints than average, and anything below 1.0 indicates fewer.

Additionally, Bankrate’s insurance editorial team usually reviews a company’s financial strength, but AM Best has yet to evaluate Noblr.

Noblr auto satisfaction

Although Noblr’s parent company USAA consistently receives high customer satisfaction scores, Noblr’s NAIC complaint index score of 26.09 may paint a different picture. This score means that the company gets more than 26 times the amount of complaints than average. Although this score is very high, it’s important to keep sample size in mind — in 2021, the NAIC reports that it recorded six complaints about Noblr car insurance. Because Noblr is a small company and only collected a little over $7 million in annual premiums that year, every complaint the company gets may impact its score more heavily than it would a large carrier.

With that said, drivers that prioritize customer service may want to speak to friends and family already insured with Noblr — testimonials from a trusted source can be a strong tool when evaluating an insurance company.

How to file a claim with Noblr

Filing a car insurance claim can be stressful, especially if it’s your first time. However, knowing what to expect in advance might help you feel more in control of the situation. When you report a claim, the company will ask for some basic information, including your name and policy number. It will also ask for the accident details, such as the date the accident occurred, the circumstances around the accident and the name and insurance information for all of the drivers involved.

When you’re ready to file a claim with Noblr, you can:

Keep in mind that while it can be helpful to have all of the above information handy before contacting Noblr, most insurance agents advise you to report claims as soon as possible.

Noblr availability

Noblr car insurance is available in:

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • New Mexico
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas
  • Virginia

Additionally, while the timeframe is uncertain, the company advises that it will be expanding to:

  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Missouri
  • Nevada
  • Tennessee
  • Wisconsin

Other Noblr perks worth considering

Noblr works as a reciprocal exchange, which means it functions as a risk-sharing pool. In other words, the company pools its policyholders' premiums together and uses these funds to pay out claims. This function, along with a small-yet-undisclosed membership contribution, will allow Noblr to return profit back to its customers. However, the company states that this profit sharing is not yet enabled and does not say when it will be. Still, this could be a perk worth considering for drivers who'd like to participate.

Noblr corporate sustainability

Noblr’s Women in Leadership program aims to promote and reach gender equity at the company through recruitment, promotion and retaining of internal talent. Some initiatives of the program have included using artificial intelligence to screen job postings for subtle gender-biased language, creating a budget to be used for posting to job boards targeted to women and women in tech, and more.

Shopping for the best car insurance can take time but allows you to find the policy and company that most fits your needs. Noblr may have a unique approach to car insurance, but below are some alternatives, including two usage-based companies:

Noblr vs. USAA

As Noblr’s partner company, USAA is the other alternative for qualifying members to consider when it comes to car insurance. Not only is USAA among some of the cheapest car insurance companies, but it also offers its SafePilot program to car insurance customers who want a telematics-based program to help them save.

Learn more: USAA Insurance review

Noblr vs. Clearcover

Another tech-based option, Clearcover, could be an option for drivers who want a digital interface for their car insurance. 24/7 support is also available through the app.

Learn more: Clearcover Insurance review

Noblr vs. Root

Rates from Root car insurance are based entirely on driving behaviors and habits. However, Root has an initial trial period, only after which the company will offer or decline coverage.

Learn more: Root Insurance review

Is Noblr a good insurance company?

Bankrate’s insurance editorial team spends hundreds of hours conducting thorough and unbiased company reviews to bring our readers the best carriers for their circumstances. Four members of our team are licensed agents, so we appreciate the time and care it takes to choose a company you can trust. We also understand that not every review is made equal, so we use our decades of combined industry experience to comb through data and present it in an approachable way.

All things considered, Noblr may not be a good company for every driver. The company takes a unique approach to car insurance pricing through the exclusive use of a mobile app — customers who aren’t comfortable sharing data, don’t have a smartphone or are not tech-savvy may want to look elsewhere. However, drivers who don’t often drive (and drive safely when they do) may want to consider giving Noblr a try — but only if they meet Noblr’s strict eligibility requirements and live in one of the 10 states where coverage is available. In the end, the best way to decide if Noblr is ideal for you might be to visit the company’s website to request a quote.

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Carol Pope is a former insurance writer for Bankrate and prior to joining the team, she spent 12 years as an auto insurance agent. During this time, she sold, serviced and underwrote auto insurance for people across the country. She also has experience selling supplement coverage such as umbrella insurance.

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