Are you curious about how your safe driving habits could potentially lower your auto insurance costs? State Farm offers a solution through its Drive Safe and Save program, which aims to reward conscientious drivers with discounts on their auto insurance premiums. In our comprehensive Drive Safe and Save review, Bankrate unfolds the intricacies of this program, providing insights and detailed analysis to assist you in determining whether it’s a suitable choice for your needs.

What is State Farm Drive Safe and Save?

For drivers with State Farm car insurance, the Drive Safe and Save program could be a good opportunity to save money on car insurance. State Farm reports that drivers can receive an initial discount just by signing up and save up to 30 percent by participating. To get started, drivers can download a mobile app or use the Connected Car feature if you have a 2020 or newer Ford or Lincoln vehicle.

The Drive Safe and Save app gets fairly good reviews, with a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 on the App Store and 4.0 out of 5.0 from Google Play. Most Drive Safe and Save reviews note that the app is easy to use and helps them stay on top of their driving habits. However, on both platforms, users complain that the app sometimes incorrectly scores their driving, especially if they have to take evasive action to avoid a collision.

Whether you use the app or the Connected Car option, State Farm will monitor your driving habits to determine how much you could save on your car insurance. You can even connect Amazon Alexa to the program to check the status and amount of the Drive Safe and Save discount. The program is optional, and drivers who aren’t able to earn a discount because of their driving habits will not be surcharged on their car insurance policy after the program period.

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How does State Farm Drive Safe and Save work?

If you want to simply drive and save, State Farm may make it easy. The company designed a car insurance telematics program that tracks certain driving behaviors and rewards you with a discount based on how safely you drive. The free Drive Safe and Save app can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store. Follow these steps to install it:

  • Text “SAVE” to 42407 to get a link to download the app in Google Play or the App Store.
  • Log in to the installed app using your user ID and password.
  • Drive and see how you score! It’s that easy.

How does Drive Safe and Save work? It’s pretty simple: your phone tracks your driving patterns and reports them to the app. Because of this, you will need to keep your Bluetooth and location settings on while you drive.

Connected Car

If you drive a 2020 or newer Ford or Lincoln, you could skip the app and use State Farm’s Drive Safe and Save Connected Car option to enroll in the program:

  • Add your vehicle to the “Garage” in either the FordPass or Lincoln Way app (depending on the make of your car).
  • Let your State Farm agent know you want to enroll in Drive Safe and Save.
  • The next time you turn on your car, you should see an in-vehicle agreement pop up. Complete the form and you’ll be enrolled!

What does Drive Safe and Save track?

State Farm’s Drive Safe and Save program, encompassing both telematics and usage-based components, monitors various aspects of your driving behavior and the distance you travel. This data collection is facilitated either through a dedicated app or the Connected Car system. Here’s what the program specifically tracks:

  • Acceleration: Rapid acceleration can reduce vehicle control, heightening the risk of accidents. The program assesses how often and how severely you accelerate.
  • Annual mileage: The distance you drive annually is also monitored. Generally, less driving can lead to lower risk and potentially larger discounts.
  • Braking: Harsh braking might indicate risky driving practices. Gradual and controlled braking, achieved by maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles, is preferred.
  • Cornering: The program evaluates instances of making quick or sharp turns, which can be signs of unsafe driving. Smooth and controlled cornering is indicative of safer driving habits.
  • Speed: Adhering to speed limits is crucial for road safety. Speeding increases both the likelihood and severity of accidents. The Drive Safe and Save program tracks your speed to encourage compliance with speed limits.
  • Phone use: Using a mobile phone while driving is a significant hazard. The program detects phone usage during driving, which can negatively impact the discount you receive.

State Farm uses the data from these tracking points to evaluate your driving patterns. Safe driving behaviors, such as avoiding harsh braking and obeying speed limits, might help lead to substantial discounts on your auto insurance through the Drive Safe and Save program.

How do you save with State Farm Drive Safe and Save?

With State Farm’s Drive Safe and Save program, savings on your auto insurance are calculated at the time of your policy renewal. The program reviews your driving data, focusing on key factors such as acceleration and braking habits. Depending on how safely you’ve driven according to these metrics, State Farm may apply a discount to your policy, which can reach up to 30 percent.

Is the Drive Safe and Save program right for me?

Determining whether State Farm’s Drive Safe and Save program aligns with your driving habits and preferences is essential for making an informed decision. By adhering to safe driving patterns, you may reap the benefits of program discounts reflected in your premium.

Furthermore, the Drive Safe and Save program could be an attractive option for those aiming to improve their driving habits. One of the key advantages is that participating in the program carries no risk of premium increases. It focuses on promoting safer driving practices rather than penalizing mistakes, as it does not track incidents like tickets or traffic stops. This aspect makes it a supportive tool for drivers seeking to enhance their on-road behaviors without the concern of potential rate hikes.

However, it’s important to consider certain aspects that might affect how well the program fits your individual needs and circumstances:

  • State availability: Drive Safe and Save is not available in every state. States like California, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, along with certain circumstances in North Carolina, are excluded from the program​​.
  • Distance traveled: The program requires participants to provide odometer readings, and high annual mileage could limit the maximum discount achievable. This might be a significant consideration for those with long commutes or frequent long-distance travel​​.

Given these considerations, along with the State Farm Drive Safe and Save reviews, the program may be most beneficial for drivers who consistently exhibit safe driving behaviors, have moderate to low annual mileage and reside in states where the program is available.

Frequently asked questions

    • Telematics uses a combination of GPS technology and in-app diagnostics to determine your location, traveling speed and how the driver is conducting themselves on the road. These factors may provide an auto insurer like State Farm with clear data to determine driving habits and assess risk.
    • Your rate will only increase if your vehicle already has a low-mileage discount (under 7,500 miles a year) and you exceed that. In this case, you could lose the discount. If you don’t earn a discount with the program, you’ll also likely lose your participation discount.
    • No. This program is vehicle-specific and discounts apply individually for each car that is enrolled. You don’t have to enroll all the vehicles in your household, but you’ll only get a discount on the vehicles you enroll in the program. This can be a helpful feature if you have a driver in your household that isn’t a good fit for the program.
    • If you are wondering how to turn off the State Farm Drive Safe and Save program, your best bet is likely to call your agent. You could also choose to leave your phone’s Bluetooth and location services off when you drive, which means the app won’t be able to record a trip. You could also uninstall the app. However, there could be consequences to these actions, since you’ll still be officially enrolled. If you want to end the program, you will likely want to contact your agent to discuss.
    • Drive Safe and Save uses your actual driving patterns to determine if you are eligible for a discount and how much of a discount to give you. The program is designed to help you better understand your driving habits and even improve them. Attempting to cheat the program will only cheat you out of learning safer driving skills. Worse, cheating the program and reporting false data could result in the termination of your entire policy if the company deems it as misrepresentation.If you don’t think you’re a good fit for the program but still want to save money, you could check out State Farm’s other car insurance discounts.
    • State Farm does not define a specific “good score” for its Drive Safe and Save program. The program’s app displays a safety score ranging from 0 percent to 100 percent with 100 percent being the ideal. Factors influencing this safety score include braking, speed, mileage and phone usage, all of which are monitored to evaluate driving safety. You can view your safety score directly on the Drive Safe and Save mobile app​.