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State Farm Steer Clear review

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A group of friends driving in a jeep and having a good time.
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State Farm recognizes that teen drivers need time and practice to develop skills behind the wheel. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), teen drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 are almost three times as likely to be involved in a fatal car accident as drivers aged 20 and older. Learning safe driving habits and practicing consistently can help teens drivers avoid dangerous incidents while on the road.

Steer Clear, State Farm’s program for drivers under the age of 25, combines educational modules, driving practice and assessments to help teens practice and improve their driving skills. Adding a young driver can be expensive, but Steer Clear offers teen and young drivers a way to earn an extra discount on their family’s car insurance premium.

What is State Farm Steer Clear?

State Farm Steer Clear is a program designed to help young drivers improve their skills behind the wheel and save money on their car insurance at the same time. This program may be useful because young drivers usually face the highest insurance premiums of any age group. The program includes an online course, on-road training and mentorship from other licensed drivers.
Steer Clear may not be available in all states; the best way to find out if the program is an option for you or your child is to contact an agent.

While the program teaches safe driving habits, such as awareness of blind spots, driving in bad weather and changing lanes, it’s not a replacement for a traditional driver’s education course. To be eligible for State Farm Steer Clear, participants must already have a valid driver’s license and be under 25 years old in most states.

How does State Farm Steer Clear work?

Drivers who are interested in enrolling in State Farm Steer Clear should call their State Farm agent to ensure they are eligible for the program. Then, interested drivers should download the State Farm Steer Clear mobile app to take the online course and log driving hours.

The State Farm Steer Clear in-app training course consists of five modules that focus on a variety of important topics such as:

  • Blind spots
  • Car safety basic
  • Changing lanes
  • Communicating with other drivers
  • Driving in bad weather
  • Entering parking lots
  • Handling emergencies
  • Maintenance
  • Texting and driving

The second part of the program is driving practice. The on-road requirements are slightly different for every age group. Here are the guidelines:

  • Drivers under 19: If holding a learner’s permit, complete 20 driving trips with the supervision of a licensed driver over 25. If licensed, only 15 out of the 20 trips need to be supervised.
  • Drivers age 19 to 24: Complete five driving trips with or without another licensed driver. This also applies to new drivers older than 24 but have less than 3 years of driving experience.
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Looking to save money on auto insurance?

Looking to save money on auto insurance?

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Driving hours can be recorded for every trip in the State Farm Steer Clear mobile app. Family members or other supervising drivers are encouraged to provide feedback on the driver’s progress in the app.

Once the driver successfully completes the course, earns their on-road hours and finishes a post-assessment test, they will receive a certificate of completion. That certificate is then submitted to their State Farm agent, who will apply the Steer Clear Safe Driver Discount to the insurance premium. The only contingency is that the program requirements must be completed within a six-month time frame to qualify.

Who is qualified for State Farm Steer Clear?

Many young drivers can take advantage of the State Farm Steer Clear program, although there are a handful of prerequisites, which include:

  • Be under 25 years old with fewer than three years of driving experience
  • Hold a valid driver’s license
  • Have no at-fault accidents or traffic violations within the last three years
  • Complete the in-app course and on-road hours within six months

Older teens with their own car must get a State Farm policy before enrolling in the program. However, teens can also claim this insurance discount if they are going to be added to a parent or family member’s existing State Farm auto policy.

If you are older than 25 or do not otherwise qualify for Steer Clear, you may be able to enroll in State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save program. Drive Safe & Save monitors your driving habits like hard braking, rapid acceleration and speeding and assigns you a discount based on your personal driving patterns. Participating in this program may earn you significant savings. According to State Farm’s website, Drive Safe & Save could help you get a discount of up to 30% on your insurance policy.

The State Farm Steer Clear app

The State Farm Steer Clear app is highly rated by users. In the Apple App Store, it has 33,000 ratings with an average of 4.7 stars. In the Google Play Store, the app has more than 1,400 reviews with an average of 3.8 stars. The Steer Clear app is available for download on iOS and Android, or users can text STEER to 78836 to get a link.

Overall, the State Farm Steer Clear app is relatively easy to use. It has a simple user interface and dashboards to track progress toward module completions and driving goals. In reviews, most users say that the course modules were easy to follow, but the learning material wasn’t perceived to be more advanced than what’s included on a permit exam.

The State Farm Steer Clear app also tracks real-time driving and gives drivers a score after they complete a trip. The app senses the car’s movements to calculate speed, turning and other maneuvers. It also tracks the length of the trip, which makes it easy to record in the on-road hours log.

However, many users said that the accuracy of the driving scores is faulty or inaccurate. They expressed frustration over getting the app to record their trip in full without resetting halfway through.

Is the State Farm Steer Clear program worth it?

State Farm’s Steer Clear program provides an easy option for drivers under the age of 25 to learn the rules of driving and gain experience behind the wheel while saving on car insurance. The Steer Clear program offers course training which includes videos, modules, quizzes, practice driving sessions, mentoring and a program certificate.

However, along with any program, there are disadvantages to State Farm’s Steer Clear. The discount is only applied after program completion, and the program must be completed within six months. Drivers who have been in an at-fault accident or moving violation within the past three years are not eligible for State Farm’s Steer Clear program.

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