Mobile app review: Daily Budget Original


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App name: Daily Budget Original

Publisher: C Ruttinger

Price: Free (in-app purchases available)

Available on: iOS

What’s it supposed to do? Help you save money and stick to your budget by keeping you motivated with a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Ease of use (4/5): It’s easy to get started with Daily Budget. The app asks for your income and recurring expenses. You also can set the frequency of the transactions: weekly, monthly, bimonthly, etc. Then you enter the percentage you want to save. From there, the app calculates how much money you have available to spend on a daily basis.

As you make day-to-day purchases or get some unexpected income, simply add it from the home screen.

Features (3/5): The cool thing about Daily Budget is that it shows you your, uh, daily budget. Whereas most budget apps give you a weekly or monthly view of your money, Daily Budget shows you how much cash you have coming in and going out each day. For example, if you make $4,000 a month, the app will show a daily income of a little more than $133. This granular view of your income helps you plan and gives you a better view of just how much you’re bringing in.

Unfortunately, the free version lacks a few features. For example, if you want to enter a miscellaneous expense, Daily Budget offers only 4 categories: general, groceries, housing and transportation. To get the rest — leisure, education, clothing, etc. — you have to pay $1.99.

Effectiveness (4/5): Daily Budget quickly and simply gives you a unique view of your cash flow. The ease of use and sleek design make budgeting less of a burden and borderline enjoyable. Staying motivated is key with any budgeting app, so one that makes the process as painless as possible is worth a shot.

Value (4/5): Even without purchasing the upgrades, Daily Budget is still a value. The free version is a standard budgeting app with a few unique wrinkles and a killer design. It has plenty of tools to help you track your money.

Verdict (15/20): It takes persistent work to maintain a budget. Daily Budget makes the work a little less tedious. The design is appealing, the tools are effective, and there are enough features to give you a wider view of your money. It’s a top-tier budgeting app and definitely worth a download.