Are mobile payments a safe way to pay?


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You pull out your phone, you flash it at the cash register and that is it. A lot is happening in the world of mobile payments.

Woman No. 1: It does freak me out that somebody could take my phone and then quickly have access.

Woman No. 2: I don’t know. It doesn’t seem all that safe to me.

Twenty-three percent of security experts believe mobile payments are secure, and 87% predict there will be an increase in mobile data payment breaches in the next year.

Jean: Do you use Apple Pay? Do you ever pay with mobile?

Woman No. 3: I don’t trust it.

Jean: Why?

Woman No. 3: These things are always getting hacked.

Woman No. 4: I’m nervous that someone is going to hack my phone or hack my computer and get all that information.

Jean: So here’s my best advice: Don’t transact using public Wi-Fi.

Also, make sure that you’ve got your phone set up so that you can shut it down remotely in case you lose it.

Password-protect your phone at all times. That way, other people can’t get into it.