It is retirement time and you’re ready to crack open that nest egg.

This chapter will examine how and when to take money out of retirement accounts. Plus: how to make money in retirement without going back to the office.

What can you expect to learn from this chapter

  • Retirement moves

    Retirement comes with its own set of financial challenges and strategies. Here’s what you need to know.

  • When to take Social Security

    So you paid in to Social Security for your whole working life and it’s finally time to get your money back. Not so fast! It may not be quite the right time.

  • Wise withdrawal strategies

    Bankrate reveals the secret to stretching your retirement money through the end of your life and beyond.

  • Know your required minimum distribution

    The IRS knows your RMD and they want their share of all that money that’s been growing tax-deferred all these years.

  • Funding retirement with rental income

    Income generated by rental properties can fuel your retirement, but it’s not without downsides.

  • Basics of reverse mortgages

    Seniors 62 and older can access equity in their home without having to move or deal with the monthly payments of home equity loans or lines of credit.