It takes some self-discipline to refrain from raiding the retirement cookie jar.

The IRS tries to dissuade would-be retirement fund raiders with a 10 percent penalty on early withdrawals. Despite that there are still ways to get your mitts on the money. But to take the money or not won’t be the only hard choice you’ll have to make.

What can you expect to learn from this chapter:

  • Making decisions

    Once your accounts are set up and the investments are flush with cash, what do you do with them?

  • Borrowing from a 401(k)

    With a veritable pot of gold stashed away, who wouldn’t be tempted to dip in when the need arises?

  • Leave 401(k) or roll it over?

    When you move on to greener employment pastures your 401(k) can stay there or leave with you.

  • Consolidating 401(k) plans

    Simplify your life by combining the 401(k) plans amassed throughout your career.

  • Catch-up contributions

    The law allows savers over 50 to put more money in their retirement accounts just in case they didn’t keep up in their younger years or just feel like saving more!

  • Converting a traditional to a Roth IRA

    Though not for everyone, converting to a Roth IRA confers benefits with some costs and complications.