Kid-free mom caves: 5 ideas for a room of your own

3 min read

The term “man cave” is well-known, but what about the equivalent for the ladies? Don’t women deserve rooms of their own, too?

Of course. Just make sure your family has a place to hang out so they don’t take over your refuge, says Jo Packham, creator and editor in chief of Where Women Create magazine.

And how do you keep the men or kiddies out? “For the men, he knows it’s a way for her to escape,” says Aja De Los Santos, a certified general contractor at InvestCove Properties in Delray Beach, Florida. “(There) would be an unwritten rule to leave her alone. It’s something to discuss with your family. You could always lock it, but (that) would be a little much.”

Whether you want to splurge or keep it affordable, here are some creative ideas for your very own kid-free mom cave. Or to add a little alliteration, you can call it a lady lair.