How much house can Santa buy for $200,000?

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St. Nicholas, Pa.
Rudolph, Ohio
Santa, Idaho
Santa Claus, Ind.
Snowflake, Ariz.
Dasher, Ga.
Comet, N.C.
Vixen, La.
Donner, Calif.

This holiday season, jolly ol’ St. Nick is touring homes from coast to coast, looking for a summer home in the States — a place he really feels like he belongs. But with all of the children of the world to make toys for, Santa is a man on a budget.

Which city will be the winner? Let’s tour with him as he visits homes for sale for around $200,000.

Now, lead the way, Rudolph! On to Dasher, Ga., Donner, Calif., and Comet, N.C.!

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