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Want to increase the value of your home for sale? We have five inexpensive and easy ways. I’m Kristin Arnold with your Bankrate.com Personal Finance Minute.

A house that smells right sells right. If prospective buyers smell anything foul — expect them to make a quick exit. Scrubbing up the place without making it smell like a chemical factory will grab buyer’s attention.

Brighten up the place by washing your windows — people like bright and not to mention clean windows. And while you’re at it, buy new bedspreads that are also clean and bright … dark and dim doesn’t cut it.

You might not think so, having your lawn mowed and all your plants watered and alive will make an impression on buyers. People will pay premium for houses that are already landscaped and well maintained.

Make sure you’re house looks like a model every day. That means removing the half-empty coffee mug from the counter before you leave for work. Cutting back on clutter — placing toys, magazines and other items into baskets. You want buyers to feel that the house is comfortable and lived-in — but without it appearing messy.

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