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Best for a low-interest secured card

  • Rewards rate: N/A
  • Welcome offer: N/A
  • Annual fee: $39
  • Purchase intro APR: N/A
  • Balance transfer intro APR: N/A
  • Regular APR: 13.99 percent variable

Having bad credit can make qualifying for a credit card tricky—but that’s where the First Progress Platinum Select Mastercard Secured Credit Card comes in. This credit card is one of three secured cards offered by First Progress issued by Synovus Bank, and all of them can help you rebuild your credit. The Platinum Select Card has a fantastic APR and a reasonable annual fee compared to much of the competition.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about the First Progress Platinum Select Mastercard Secured Credit Card to see if it’s right for you.

Current welcome offer

The First Progress Platinum Select Mastercard Secured Credit Card doesn’t currently have a welcome offer after you sign up. It’s typically a challenge to find a secured credit card with a rewards program or a welcome offer. This card from First Progress is no different, although it can help you build up your credit to get an unsecured card eventually—and one with a fantastic sign-up bonus.


If you have bad credit or no credit, you’ll likely need to turn to a secured credit card. When you look at secured cards, you’ll want to think about things like APR, annual fee and whether it helps you build up your credit. This card excels in these categories, so check out the best benefits of this secured credit card.

No credit check

Usually, when you apply for a credit card, the credit card company checks your credit report. This check, or inquiry, can lower your credit score by a few points each time. But with this card, there’s no credit inquiry when you apply, so don’t have to worry about your credit score going down at all.

Helps build your credit score

When you make monthly payments on this secured card, those payments get reported to the three largest credit bureaus—Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Because of this reporting, on-time payments help build up your credit score. But keep in mind that late payments will lower your credit score. Over time, if you don’t miss a monthly minimum payment, your credit score will increase.

Reasonable annual fee

You have to pay an annual fee no matter which of the First Progress cards you go with, but the Select charges a manageable fee of $39. Many cards charge more than this to use throughout the year, although it’s certainly possible to find secured cards with no annual fee. This fee isn’t the lowest available of the three First Progress cards, either, but a much lower APR balances it out.


The interest rate you’ll pay with this credit card is less than 14 percent, which is unusually low for a secured card. Typically, credit card issuers charge a higher annual fee on secured credit cards because you’re deemed a riskier customer but that’s not the case with this First Progress card.

Work up to a higher credit line

A secured card requires you to make a cash deposit upon opening your account, and this amount makes up your credit limit. The more you deposit, the higher your credit limit will be on the card. The First Progress Platinum Select Mastercard Secured Credit Card requires a minimum of $200 cash deposit, but you can initially deposit up to $2,000. Over time, you can work up to a $5,000 credit limit.

Rates and fees

The APR for this card is much lower than most secured credit cards at 13.99 percent variable. It does require you to pay an annual fee of $39, however. If you use this card overseas, you’ll pay a 3 percent foreign transaction fee. You must maintain at least a $200 deposit to keep your credit limit, as well. There are no rewards or welcome offers when you sign up for this card.

How the First Progress Platinum Select Mastercard Secured compares to other secured credit cards

Two other secured credit cards worth exploring are the Discover it® Secured Credit Card and the Capital One Platinum Secured Credit Card. Neither of these two cards charges an annual fee, while the First Progress Platinum Select Mastercard Secured Credit Card costs $39 each year. However, the APR is much higher with the Discover it® Secured Credit Card and Capital One secured cards—22.99 percent and 26.99 percent variable, respectively.

If you’re after rewards, the Discover it Secured is the only one of the bunch that offers them. You’ll get 2 percent cash back at gas stations and restaurants on up to $1,000 in combined purchases per quarter with the card, as well as 1 percent back on all other purchases. You won’t get rewards with the other two cards.

Card Annual fee Welcome offer Purchase APR Rewards
First Progress Platinum Select Mastercard Secured Credit Card $39 N/A 13.99% variable N/A
Discover it® Secured Credit Card


$0 Cash-back match at the end of the first year 22.99% variable 2% cash back on all gas station and restaurants expenses (up to $1,000 in combined purchases per quarter) and 1% back on everything else
Capital One Platinum Secured Credit Card



$0 N/A 26.99% variable N/A

Best cards to pair with the First Progress Platinum Secured

Because the First Progress Select Secured Card charges a 3 percent fee when you use it overseas, you might want to have a travel card in your wallet once you qualify. Many travel credit cards give you rewards for purchases, as well as travel protections and other perks. Additionally, you typically won’t have to pay when you use the card abroad. Otherwise, any credit card that offers rewards would be good to go with this First Progress card.

Bankrate’s Take—Is the First Progress Platinum Select Mastercard Secured worth it?

If you have bad credit and can’t qualify for another type of credit card, the First Progress Platinum Select Mastercard Secured Credit Card could be worth it. When comparing it to other secured credit cards, whether this one is worth it depends on what you want—a low annual fee or a low APR.

For anyone looking to keep a rolling balance on the card month-over-month, this is one of the best secured credit card options on the market, since the interest rate is so low. However, if you’re hoping to pay it off in full every month and pay the least amount possible annually, you might want to look elsewhere.


  • Low APR for a secured card
  • Reasonable annual fee
  • Can help you build credit


  • Not available in New York, Iowa, Arizona or Wisconsin
  • Charges a foreign transaction fee