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There are a lot of emotions that well up on closing day for your new home, but don’t let that cloud your judgment during your final walk-through. I’m Lucas Wysocki with your Bankrate.com Personal Finance Minute.

When scheduling the final walk-through of your home, allow yourself at least 30 minutes to go over the house with a fine-tooth comb just like a home inspector would. Once the paper is signed, the seller has no obligation to fix any damage you didn’t catch.

You may want to bring your home-inspector with you on your final walk-through. The inspector’s fee is usually reduced for the final visit, and if they catch costly damage, it could pay for itself. Whether you bring the inspector or not, make sure to turn all the appliances on and off and test all of the outlets.

Finally, keep a cool head if you find something wrong. The easiest action is to ask to write in a credit from the seller and go ahead and close on your new home. For Bankrate.com, I’m Lucas Wysocki.