Debit Cards

Debit and prepaid debit cards make it easy to make purchases with money drawn from cardholders’ bank accounts or funds that have been loaded onto a card. The simplicity of these cards has made them a preferred payment method for millions of Americans.

Checking Basics

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  • Suspicious Activity Reports: Terrorism and you

    It seems bizarre that anyone should worry that paying off a legitimate debt through legitimate banking channels could land them in trouble with the Feds, but that’s the thought crossing many minds as [...]

    8 min read Jun 28, 2006
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  • Float and Check 21

    Thanks to Check 21, the old-fashioned float is disappearing, and that could cost you big in bounced checks.

    3 min read Apr 07, 2005
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  • Chapter 6: Banking institutions

    What’s the difference between a commercial bank, a credit union and a thrift? Which one is right for you?

    1 min read Apr 01, 2005
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  • Fees, fees and more fees

    At most banks, a myriad of undiscovered fees lay waiting to trip you up, including some you’d never guess.

    3 min read Apr 01, 2005
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