swimming pool loan

Getting financing for a swimming pool shouldn’t be a hassle, and a personal loan is a great option when looking to finance this type of home improvement. Swimming pool financing typically has very competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms.

Swimming pools not only add enjoyment to your life, a new pool also can add value to your home. There is no need to tap the equity in your house because a personal loan is unsecured. If you’re not interested in adding a pool, you may be interested in funding another type of home improvement project.

Using a personal loan for pool financing is a great way to ensure fun, relaxing times with the family without using your home as collateral.

A home equity line of credit can involve appraisals and lots of paperwork. You can get approved for a personal loan based on just your credit and income. This makes getting approved for a personal loan to finance a pool simple and headache-free.

There are many great benefits of using a personal loan when purchasing a swimming pool.

  • A personal loan for a swimming pool comes with a fixed rate that is based on your credit history and a set payment schedule. You can make extra payments toward the principal or pay off your loan at any time without penalty.
  • You’re in control and can choose from a number of personal loan offers and repayment terms that fit your budget. The shorter terms will have more favorable interest rates.
  • Once approved, your loan can be immediately funded. You can then use these funds to act as a cash buyer and negotiate with your pool installer or contractor.

If you’re ready to apply for funds to pay for your new swimming pool, compare personal loan offers before locking in your interest rate.