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Mortgage Refinance

Interested in a mortgage refinance? Find out if a refi could lower your monthly mortgage payment.

Refinance Basics

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    Keys to leasing

    Ignorance is a main component of paying too much for a lease. Savvy consumers learn the basics of lease pricing.

    3 min read Apr 01, 2005
  • Man looking at the price of a car

    Where to get the money

    Seven out of 10 new cars are financed. But to do it right you must be ready pre- and postlot.

    3 min read Aug 22, 2017
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    Saving money on auto insurance

    Auto insurance is expensive! It’s also essential protection for anyone with a financially sound life.

    3 min read Aug 30, 2017
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    Chapter 4: The leasing experience

    Thinking of leasing your new car? Get a briefing on the booby traps waiting to snare you and basic leasing laws.

    1 min read Apr 01, 2005
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    Chapter 3: The buying experience

    The keys to a rewarding and successful car buying experience are knowledge and perseverance. You can do it!

    1 min read Apr 01, 2005
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    Refinance your auto loan

    Securing a lower interest rate is smart, but don’t let your savings get swallowed up in fees.

    3 min read Apr 01, 2005
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    20 ways to monkey with telemarketers

    Why hang up when it’s so much more fun to mess with the mind of a telemarketer? Here’s the best of our readers’pranks.

    4 min read Nov 13, 2003
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