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Allstate Drivewise review

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For drivers looking to be rewarded for their safe driving habits — and save some extra money — Allstate’s free Drivewise program could be the solution. Just by being a safe driver, Allstate rewards existing customers with a discount on their auto insurance premium and a chance to earn points for redemption for travel, gift cards, merchandise and more. And for those who don’t have car insurance through Allstate, good news: you can also participate in Drivewise and earn rewards, too, although you can’t save on your car insurance if you don’t have a policy with Allstate.

How does the Allstate Drivewise® app work?

Separate from Allstate’s auto insurance policy, Allstate’s Drivewise is a telematics program that uses the Allstate mobile app and a small telemetric device fitted into a vehicle’s Onboard diagnostic port (OBD), which provides access to the vehicle’s onboard computer. Both work together to retrieve the information about each driving trip, including:

  • Time of day. Drivewise tracks the time when the trip starts and ends in local time.
  • Speed. While the app will calculate the vehicle’s average speed, it will also track how often and how long the vehicle exceeds 80 MPH.
  • Starts and stops. Drivewise tracks the number of times when a vehicle accelerates too quickly or experiences sudden or extreme braking.

Drivers can earn 15,000 points with Drivewise just by downloading the app and activating an account. While driving, the app awards 200 points for each of the following challenges:

  • 10 safe trips with no high speeds or sudden braking
  • Three consecutive days with no sudden braking
  • Three consecutive days with no high speeds

While in use, the app doesn’t have a huge impact on your phone’s battery and runs in the background, so you can continue to call and use navigation and other phone apps while driving. After each trip, Drivewise shares personalized feedback about your driving behavior and shows how many points you’ve earned. You’ll also be able to delete trips where you weren’t the driver.

Looking to save money on auto insurance?
Looking to save money on auto insurance?

Looking to save money on auto insurance?

Compare rates & save

How to enroll in Allstate Drivewise®

To get started with Drivewise, download the Allstate mobile app onto your mobile phone and create an account at Unlike other similar insurance programs, you do not need an auto insurance policy with Allstate to participate in Drivewise. Drivers who do not have auto insurance with Allstate can still earn rewards points for using the app and exhibiting safe driving behavior.

However, note that Drivewise is not available in all states, including New York. The rewards drivers can earn may also vary according to state laws. Contact a local Allstate agent to find out if Drivewise is available in your area.

Who should use Allstate Drivewise®?

Allstate’s Drivewise program is unique in that anyone can participate, and it carries no penalties. Unlike Progressive Snapshot, which uses telematics data to calculate the cost of your insurance rates, Allstate Drivewise will not increase your premium or negatively affect your rewards if you cannot meet the safe driving metrics.

Drivewise is a great option for drivers who maintain the proper speed limit, drive primarily during daylight hours and avoid extreme or sudden braking. And for teens learning to drive, Drivewise can be a helpful tool for parents to use the trip data to see how well their kids perform behind the wheel. All the drivers on your policy can work together to earn more discounts and rewards through Drivewise.

How much can I save with Allstate Drivewise?

Allstate doesn’t state exactly how much drivers might save by using the Drivewise program, but in addition to completing the safe driving challenges, reward points can also be earned through non-driving activities such as redeeming promo codes from Allstate emails and filling out surveys within Allstate mobile. Where allowed by law, Allstate users can redeem rewards points for:

  • Travel
  • Sweepstakes
  • Daily deals
  • Merchandise
  • Magazines
  • Gift cards
  • Auctions
  • Local offers
Looking to save money on auto insurance?
Looking to save money on auto insurance?

Looking to save money on auto insurance?

Compare rates & save

Is Allstate Drivewise® worth it?

For good drivers, or those looking to improve their safe driving habits, Allstate Drivewise could be a great option. Some of these benefits include:

  • Mobile app integration: Instead of requiring a separate app for Drivewise, the program is included in Allstate’s main mobile app. Now, customers can access their insurance cards, policy documents and participate in Drivewise in one place.
  • Insight into driving behaviors and real-time alerts: All drivers included in a policy can participate in Drivewise. The app also shares a summary of driving behaviors over time, allowing drivers to learn how to improve their driving behaviors and receive real-time alerts.
  • Continued feedback about your phone activity while behind the wheel: Driving while using your phone can be dangerous. The Allstate app can tell you how many times you reach for your phone while driving.
  • Crash detection: If the app registers that you are in an accident, it can help you get in touch with the Allstate claims service or roadside assistance if needed.

However, some drivers may have drawbacks depending on their area and ZIP code, when they drive, and how often they’re on the road. For example, drivers in urban areas might need to brake more frequently when driving safely, and drivers in rural areas may be permitted to drive at 80 MPH. Additionally, those who work from home may find they hardly drive, making them better suited for usage-based car insurance.

Another concern is data privacy. Although the app monitors your trips and locations, the information used to evaluate driving performance can be viewed by you, your Allstate agent, and the customer service representative who helps review your Drivewise program. Even if Drivewise is not the right fit for you, it’s good to do some comparison shopping and obtain multiple car insurance quotes. This will help you see what insurance rates are in your area and what insurance company is right for you.

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