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Geico Drive Easy review

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Technology has changed the way car insurance companies do business and Geico’s DriveEasy program is an example of that. Using GPS and telematics technology, DriveEasy monitors your driving in real-time with the potential to save you money on your insurance premium if you’re a good driver.

It’s easy to sign up for DriveEasy if you’re a Geico customer. The only requirement is that you have a smartphone and a Geico policy. Although not yet available nationwide, Geico is expanding its reach regularly. Currently, you can enroll if you’re in one of 26 states, including Texas, Pennsylvania and Florida.

What is Geico DriveEasy

Geico created DriveEasy in an effort to help keep roads safer. The program currently helps encourage safe driving in the 26 states where it’s available. The app is telematics-based, which means that your information is transmitted to Geico via your smartphone. The app monitors your driving, checking for things like hard braking, how fast you turn a corner and even monitoring if you use your phone while driving.

Why bother? Because Geico DriveEasy could save you money on your premium if the transmitted data proves you’re a safe driver. Geico makes your driving easy to manage. Once you’ve downloaded the app and logged in, you don’t need to open it again when you get in your car. Instead, it automatically records trip data as you drive as long as you remain logged in. The app can even distinguish between when you are the driver or passenger, or when you are riding public transportation.

What does DriveEasy track?

Although DriveEasy can’t monitor every factor of your driving, it does have the capability to determine some simple driving habits that indicate how well you drive. It can also log your trips, giving you a sense of how many miles you’ve traveled and where you might be able to make improvements to your driving.

Factors that impact your DriveEasy score

  • Braking: DriveEasy can tell how quickly you decelerate when you press the brakes. Hard stops, where you slam on the brakes quickly, should be avoided unless necessary to avoid an accident. Keep in mind that hard braking also impacts how much time the driver behind you has to come to a stop.
  • Distance travelled: With GPS technology, it’s easy for DriveEasy to monitor your travels. The app can also tell you about possible side routes you could take to save time and gas money.
  • Time of day: DriveEasy monitors the time of day because it’s more likely an accident will occur late at night than if you’re driving in the morning. Lots of nighttime and weekend driving may negatively impact your score. If late hours are when you tend to do most of your driving, DriveEasy may not be the best option for you.
  • Distracted driving: There are two types of distracted driving that the app monitors: handheld phone calls and active phone use, including if you are holding or tapping it. If you have a kid who likes to play games on your cell phone while you’re driving, it could count against your driving score.
  • Road type: DriveEasy can tell if you’re engaged in difficult driving, such as rush hour on a busy highway, or easy driving, such as slowly cruising down a neighborhood street in the middle of the day. Road type factors into your driving score.
  • Weather: Bad weather makes driving harder and the app includes this factor in your score as well. For example, it’s able to access weather data to see if you are driving in a snowstorm or rainstorm.

Is Geico DriveEasy worth it?

Many Geico customers love the DriveEasy program for the savings in states where it is available. Geico determines your discount based on the data it receives from the app. If you drive carefully with few hard stops and avoid distracted driving, you could earn a bigger discount than someone who speeds around corners and chats on their phone while driving.

Most insurance companies now offer a telematics program, such as Progressive’s Snapshot or State Farm’s Drive Save and Save. Although each program has unique features, they are all designed to monitor your driving habits and reward you for good ones.

One benefit of telematics programs like Geico’s DriveEasy is that they can help you become a better driver by showing you when and where you are making risky driving decisions. If you have a young driver on your policy, signing them up can help them to learn good driving habits.

Who is the Geico DriveEasy app a good option for?

If you are a safe driver or want to become one, the DriveEasy app may be a good option for you. By collecting data on your driving habits, it can highlight areas where you might need improvement and allow you to track your driving skills over time to see progress.

DriveEasy might not be a great choice for you if you don’t drive very much or if you suspect that your driving skills may score poorly with the app. According to the company, you may see an increase in your premium if you are consistently engaging in risky driving behavior.

If you have a strong desire to improve as a driver, you may want to try DriveEasy and utilize the tips the app provides to help you drive more safely. The app may make it easier for you to gain skills and monitor your progress.

Frequently asked questions

Can your rates go up with DriveEasy?

Yes, they can. Geico’s website lays it out clearly: “Riskier drivers may see a higher rate — depending on the state you live in.” However, the risk may be minimal if you are actively working toward improving your driving skills.

Do all cars in a household have to participate?

While there is no obligation for every car in a household to participate in DriveEasy, all drivers listed on a single policy will need to participate in the program to receive its rewards. Each car and each driver will need to sign up to be counted. To avoid losing out on potential discounts, all drivers registered in the program should actively participate.

How does DriveEasy know if I’m a passenger rather than the driver?

DriveEasy uses technology that detects movement and relies on your phone’s sensors to determine if you are the driver or the passenger. It should also be able to identify if you’re on a bus or a train instead of a car. The technology isn’t perfect, but it’s possible to access your account and make changes if the app gets it wrong.

How much cellular data does DriveEasy use?

According to Geico, data usage varies, but a typical driver generally uses between 60-70 MB of data per month. The app conserves data and battery life when you’re not driving by going into sleep mode and will only upload data over your cellular network if there is no Wi-Fi available.

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